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Detect potential dangers that could be lurking in your kid’s digital space. Be proactive in preventing online bullies and predators from targeting your children by keeping a watchful eye on their online activities.
Keep Your Children Safe Online

Help Children Make Good Decisions &
Encourage Positive Online

Track Whereabouts

Secure Kids' Digital Space &
Always Stay Ahead

Strong Parental Controls

It's essential to ensure your child is always safe when using the internet. As a parent, you should be attentive when your child is online. Use NexaSpy cell phone monitoring app to filter out any harmful content from the internet so your child can enjoy their online time safely.

Child Online Protection

Many online dangers, such as cyberbullying, sexting, and online predation, make the internet unsafe for children. NexaSpy mobile spying app helps to protect youngsters by detecting online threats and sending immediate notifications to parents in actual time.

Digital Monitoring

NexaSpy Spy app for mobile phones help parents support their children in building a positive relationship with technology. With 45% of teenagers addicted to their cell phones, it's important to set healthy mobile usage limits and balance kids' online and offline lives.

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You're Only 3 Steps Away

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Get started with NexaSpy app by creating a free user account now. Register for an account and set it up according to your needs - it's very much that easy!

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We offer three tiers of subscription plans - basic, premium, and platinum. Choose the one that best fits your needs. In addition, all plans come with monitoring services.

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By subscribing to NexaSpy cell phone spying app, you will gain access to the mobile monitoring & parental control features available on the control panel.

You're Only 3 Steps Away

100% Stealth Monitoring
with Exceptional Features

You can view every little detail of your incoming and outgoing call logs and monitor your call history remotely.
This is a great way to keep track of your calls and ensure you’re not missing any important calls.

Why Choose NexaSpy?

NexaSpy is, without a doubt, the most outstanding and reliable phone monitoring app. Here is the proof.

Why should you limit your kids' cyberspace?

The internet can be a scary place for children, so it's essential to be aware of what websites, games, and people can be harmful to them. Using the NexaSpy cell phone spy app, you can protect your children from online dangers by blocking anything that could hurt them.

How is NexaSpy better than other monitoring apps?

NexaSpy provides unique features in the Android spy software market — this means that NexaSpy gives you an edge over the competition by providing information, insights, and clues that others cannot.

What can you monitor with the NexaSpy app?

NexaSpy is the best mobile spy app because it offers a FREE mobile app that enables you to read your data handily on a mobile app. With NexaSpy, you'll be able to track your employee's phone usage, monitor your children's activity, and more without ever having to worry about the privacy of your data. Get your spy app for cell phones now.

Does NexaSpy offer stealth monitoring?

NexaSpy is the only app that offers invisibility on Android. With this app, you can stay hidden and undetected while monitoring Android devices.

Many users were dissatisfied with the most recent version of Android since it took a lot of work to hide the installation icon on a non-rooted smartphone. Luckily, we innovated the best solution. As a result, you can spy on the latest Android phones with NexaSpy mobile phone spying software.

Is NexaSpy compatible with the latest Android devices?

NexaSpy is the finest Android surveillance app because it offers a FREE mobile app that enables you to read your data handily on a mobile app. With NexaSpy, you'll be able to track your employee's phone usage, monitor your children's activity, and more without ever having to worry about the privacy of your data.

How can I see other phone screens on my phone?

You can simply view it by installing NexaSpy as a cell phone monitoring app. It will allow you to view all apps, including social media ones and call logs, text messages, Gmail, etc.

Which is the best spy software for smartphones?

If you are looking for a mobile spy app, then you should try NexaSpy. It allows the user to remotely monitor every digital activity of the targeted person in stealth mode.

What is the best-paid smartphone spy app?

NexaSpy is the best cell phone spy app that gives access to parents to secretly view their teenager’s phone and save them from online threats like online predators and cyberbullying.

Do mobile spy applications really work?

Yes, they do, but you need to select the reliable one. NexaSpy comes on the list when you talk about trustworthy spying apps. It gives you access to view your target android phone secretly.

Can I spy on a mobile without installing applications on it?

No, you cannot. You need to physically launch any reliable spyware app like NexaSpy to secretly view the phone screen.

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Guard Your Kids Against Digital Threats

As kids use the internet more frequently, parents need to be aware of the dangers that come with it. NexaSpy is a website dedicated spy app that helps parents protect their children from potential cyber threats.


Inappropriate Content

Inappropriate Content

Game Addiction

Game Addiction

Psychological Issues

Psychological Issues

Online Predators

Online Predators

Internet Privacy

Internet Privacy

Disturbed Sleep Patterns

Disturbed Sleep Patterns

Academic Issues

Academic Issues

Internet Dependency

Internet Dependency

Bad Online Habits

Bad Online Habits

What Media is Saying

What Media is Saying

The press has been very complimentary of NexaSpy, especially regarding the high-end features and compatibility as a parental control mobile spy app. Learn more about what the press is saying about NexaSpy so you can make an informed decision about whether it’s the right choice for you and your family.

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Be Careful Always

Have you experienced using a fake mobile phone monitoring app yet received the information you hoped for? It's time to protect your data before someone else can steal it. Your personal and private details are protected from snoopers by the NexaSpy software, which is encrypted.


The latest Android devices work perfectly well on the NexaSpy cell phone spying software. In addition, we're excited to announce the launching of a social media monitoring feature that accurately monitors instant messengers.

Monitor Them 24/7

NexaSpy, the best cell phone spy app, offers a remote device lock that helps parents limit their children from internet addiction. With this feature, parents can control when and how long their kids can access the internet. They can also restrict their children from accessing inappropriate websites.