How Does It Work?

NexaSpy turns out to be the best Android surveillance app that lets you remotely monitor your kids, employees, and dear ones.

Spy on The Digital Activities of Target Android Phone

  • Control and monitor the cell phone of kids and employee
  • Function flawlessly in stealth mode
  • Easy to install with basic steps
  • View every online activity remotely

How Does NexaSpy Function?

NexaSpy, the best monitoring app, enables you to remotely view every click of your children or employees. It will create a wall against online threats, as you can block any browser that contains inappropriate content. Through NexaSpy, you can create a virtual boundary, and whenever your kid violates it, you will immediately be informed through notification. Protect your teenager from all online threats, including online predators, cyberbullying, harassment, fraud, etc. You can easily view the call logs, Gmail, social media sites, and text messages and listen to your surroundings through NexaSpy. 

Install NexaSpy With These Basic Steps And Start Monitoring Android Devices

Part 1

How Can You Get NexaSpy as a Spying Tool?

Paid NexaSpy Account

To assist you in spying on all cell phone activities of target Android devices through a web-based control panel.

Accessing the Target Device Physically 

NexaSpy will work flawlessly after the installation has been done on the target person’s device.

Part 2

How Can NexaSpy Be Used As Best Monitoring App?

The NexaSpy Android app has a basic, user-friendly installation procedure with a free demo.


  • Become a member of NexaSpy through the registration process
  • Physically install the NexaSpy app on the targeted Android phone.
  • View all online Activities through the web-based control panel.

Here is a short guideline about the installation process


Register and Install NexaSpy by Following the Given Steps

  • Search for the NexaSpy website http://nexaspy.com using your web browser.
  • Put your password and email in the registration form.
  • After the registration step, you will be sent to the setup procedure. Physical access is needed to install the software on the target person’s cell phone.
  • The NexaSpy installation process will take a few minutes then a few changes are needed in the settings from your end.
  • Open “Settings” to start the NexaSpy installation process. After that, launch “Lock Screen and Security.” Turn on “Unknown Sources” and finally click the ok button.
  • After completing this step, you need to go to “Settings”> “Security”> “Google Play Protect”. Activate “Improve Harmful App Detection” and “Scan Device for Security Threats” in the settings because NexaSpy works in stealth mode.


Process of Installing the NexaSpy Monitoring App

  • The Setup Wizard page contains a link to the app’s download page. You now require physical access to the target device in order to install NexaSpy. Once you have the target phone in your possession, click the link to download the app. Slide right to begin the app’s download. Once the download is finished, a notification with the APK file will appear. You can open the file in a pop-up window or the download folder on the target device. Tap “Install” then “Open” to do NexaSpy work.
  • From the Setup Wizard page, you will get the app download link. Now, you require access to the target device physically for app installation. Once you have the target phone in your hand, open the app download link on it. Slide right to start downloading the app. Once the downloading gets completed, a notification will appear showing the APK file. You can open the file via a pop-up window or from the download folder of the target device. To launch the app, tap “Install” and then “Open.”
  • Once the installation process is done successfully, then you need to thoroughly read the privacy policy of NexaSpy as it is given for your assistance. Satisfy yourself before any other process.
  • Click the next button after you enter the child’s name and age. Go to settings now and turn “On” Google services for data use access by clicking “Proceed to settings.”
  • After that, use the Setup Wizard to finish configuring the app on your targeted device.
  • An option “select” will appear to click on it and activate “device administrator.”
  • Verify if you have granted access to all requests before installing the programme.
  • You can easily hide the NexaSpy app in the target person’s phone after the installation.
  • The NexaSpy icon won’t show up in the list of installed programmes once you detach it from the settings menu. NexaSpy software will operate flawlessly in stealth mode without raising any red flags.

Step 3

Track Your Android Through NexaSpy

After installing and configuring the NexaSpy software on the target device, you can finalize the setup process by starting to monitor the target Android phone by using your device.

Your browser will take you to the NexaSpy control panel from the wizard page. You must update the control panel in order for the app to sync the most recent information from your monitored phone or tablet if you want to keep track of the recent activities of your target device.

The moment you get access to the NexaSpy dashboard, it will take a few minutes or seconds to not only sync but also load all the information of the target device which you wish to monitor. You will be able to see a list of the menu’s functionalities on your left side. Congratulations, you are now ready to monitor or control all the activities of the target person’s device.

Important Note: If the target Android device is powered off or loses internet connection, then NexaSpy will not be able to sync any information which you wish to see.