Spy on Camera
To Know What They’re Doing

Be With Your Love Ones When No One Is With Them

NexaSpy is the best-hidden spy camera app that helps users to control the target device camera. Install an app to spy on phone cameras remotelyand  capture photos of people secretly without them knowing.

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1000+ Threats Detected

spy on camera To Know What They’re Doing

Spy On Phone Camera Secretly To
Unveil The Surroundings Of Target Person.

Spy On Phone Camera Remotely

Spy On Phone Camera Remotely

Use the target device's camera to take pictures from a distance. Know their exact location and supervise who their friends are.

Manage and Take Hold of All Cameras

Manage and Take Hold of All Cameras

Software to spy on phone cameras to take snapshots and record videos from the front and rear cameras.

Secretly Capture Photos of the Surroundings

Secretly Capture Photos of the Surroundings

The app to spy on phone cameras covertly takes photographs. It is perfect for capturing images or videos without anyone else being aware.

How to use the NexaSpy
Live Camera Spy App?

Get step-by-step instructions on how to use the NexaSpy camera spy  app from this instructional video.

The NexaSpy Android Phone Camera Spy Software Is Exceptional

The NexaSpy offers an android phone camera spy app  for remote camera activation that lets you turn on the camera of your target mobile device from a distance. It can be helpful for surveillance or security purposes.

spy on camera The NexaSpy Android Phone Camera Spy Software Is Exceptional

NexaSpy Surveillance Software
- Know All About Their Surroundings

Android’s wondrous spy camera app is here! You’ll be able to take pictures through a web-based interface with access to both mobile cameras. You can track the whereabouts of your loved ones or colleagues with a spy on the phone camera remotely, by easily accessing every camera on the target device. Furthermore, to constantly be one step ahead, the software to spy on both phone cameras also enables you to be aware of the surroundings of the target device.

spy on camera NexaSpy Surveillance Software Know All About Their Surroundings
spy on camera Let NexaSpy Be Your Eyes Watch Everything Happening Around Them

Let NexaSpy Be Your Eyes - Watch Everything Happening Around Them!

The NexaSpy app monitors surroundings in real-time. Use an app to spy on a phone camera to find your child’s location quickly and easily. You can take and view all photographs via the spy camera app from an online dashboard to check where they are without interfering with their routine.

Spot Shady Activities With One Click - UseNexaSpy Now

Young teenagers are frequently the victims of child predators who trick them into attending secret gatherings. A spy on a phone camera secretly helps you discover who your child meets when they go out. Some employees may pretend to be sick when they’re not. You can evaluate their present position by seeing it on a hidden camera. You can reduce employee misconduct at the workplace by remotely capturing the surroundings. It can be worrying when adolescents start lying about their whereabouts, but you can use a spy camera app to take pictures as evidence if they’re cheating.

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Here are the Unmatched Qualities Only

100% Security

NexaSpy is a secure app that you can trust. All the data collected is encrypted, and only the registered users can access spied information. So your data is safe with us.

Instant Installation

The installation process for NexaSpy is simple, and the app is easy to use. However, we have included all steps in the installation guide to benefit our valued customers.

Live Customer Support

Our support team is online 24/7/365 to help you with any product questions. They are equipped with complete product knowledge and will address your queries promptly.

Troubleshoot Guide

If you're having difficulty installing the app, NexaSpy’s troubleshooting guide can assist you. If you need technical assistance, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

Satisfied Functionality

NexaSpy is an app that is very easy to use. Enjoy the features NexaSpy offers and spy on cell phones and tablets. In addition, NexaSpy delivers more advanced spy tools than any other brand.


Compatibility is a crucial consideration when choosing a monitoring app. Check the compatibility of your target device and see all the supported phone brands and models.

You're Only
3 Steps Away

You're Only 3 Steps Away

FREE Registration

Get started with NexaSpy app by creating a free user account now. Register for an account and set it up according to your needs - it's very much that easy!

Affordable Packages

We offer three tiers of subscription plans - basic, premium, and platinum. Choose the one that best fits your needs. In addition, all plans come with monitoring services.

Start Monitoring

By subscribing to NexaSpy cell phone spying app, you will gain access to the mobile monitoring & parental control features available on the control panel.

NexaSpy is Your Armour Against
All the Cyber Threats - It is Secure, Safe, & Reliable

We understand how frustrating it can be when you’re trying to use a spy app and need help but can’t seem to get in touch with anyone. NexaSpy will never leave you hanging! NexaSpy technical assistance is always here to help you, and our team guarantees your satisfaction. We also want to assure you that your recorded information is secure with us.

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Still not satisfied? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that are covered by our experts.

How can I control someone’s phone camera?

Secret photo capturing is covertly taking pictures by taking control of the camera on your target device via a camera recorder or bugging program. A remote camera recorder app, NexaSpy, with such a sophisticated capability enables you to discover the secrets of the target device's owner without raising any red flags.

Can I use my son’s phone as a spying camera?

Yes, if you have a subscription to any spyware apps like nexaSpy. You will be able to control the front and back camera moreover, have the authority to easily capture pictures and save it to your dashboard without the awareness of the person to whose phone you have downloaded the app.

Is a spy camera app legal?

Yes, it is if you spy on the camera of their phone with the permission of the target person. Target person can be your spouse, kid or employee to whom you wish to spy secretly.