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Track Mobile With NexaSpy

Step into Digital World to Protect Your Kids Using Mobile Phone Tracker App

The NexaSpy Android phone tracking app is full of advanced features. To protect your children, it helps you track location, geo-fence areas, record, or view real-time phone usage alerts.


Mobile tracker Track Mobile With NexaSpy

Monitor Their Every Move With
NexaSpy Real Time Cell Phone Tracker

NexaSpy is the best Android mobile tracking app to track a cell phone location from a distance. You only have to install its APK file on the target device. NexaSpy spying also offers you features such as call recording, text messages spying, social media access, screen time supervision, microphone bugging, and many other. NexaSpy is the best mobile phone tracking app to protect your loved ones in this digital war era. Where the internet is full of sexual predators, cyberbullying, or harassers, you can use online cell phone tracker to tabs on your kids’ all digital activities. It comes with unique design, user-friendly interface, and simple installation process.

Supervise Everything With
Hidden Mobile Tracker App

Covertly track all their dark hidden secrets- Trace their whereabouts and gallery in a minute with the advanced features of NexaSpy.  

How to Spy on Their
Android Phones Secretly?

Watch the detailed video to learn more.

Potential Risks That
Can Be Life-Threatening

Missing Childrens

Missing Childrens

Every year, we encounter thousands of sad stories of missing or kidnapped children. It is a torment for any parent to lose their child in a crowd or function. Most children who go missing are searching for help or want to connect to any support channel, but their parents are not using any real-time cell phone tracker, so they never know where their children are.

Data Leaks

Data Leaks

In the digital era, our entire information is stored in our little devices, from personal data to bank credit details. All these things make our little devices so vulnerable that we can not live without them for a second. Data breaches are a common issue in our generation. Cybercriminals are always ready to attack any database to collect their data and use your information for illegal use.

Employee Frauds

Blind trust in any of your employees is the biggest weakness of a professional businessman. One mistake can destroy your business reputation and can become the cause of your loss. There are many forms of employee fraud. They can be sharing personal details of customers or companies with third parties. Fake checks and converting companies' property.

Instant Alerts

Instant Alerts

Always be up to date with regard to your kids' phone activities and location with the instant alerts feature of the NexaSpy. Geo-Fence the area for your children, so whenever they cross the border, you will get an instant notification on your phone. Sit relaxed and track their real-time location 24/7 without any hunch. You must install NexaSpy on the target device; to monitor their whereabouts all-time. 

Data Security

Prime Data Security

NexaSpy is best cell phone tracker to save yourself from any type of data leakage because whenever any virus or spyware app tries to hack your phone, NexaSpy secures all your information. You can also find your lost phone in a second with the help of NexaSpy, so your data can not be leaked by any theft. You can also lock your phone and wipe your data too, anytime, from anywhere.

Employee Supervision

Employee Supervision

Monitor all your employees' activities remotely and protect your company data from any leakage. Many companies give their employees cell phones or Tablets for office work. You can pre-install NexaSpy mobile tracker software on those devices to protect your company's reputation. If your employee works out of a station, you can use a real-time location monitoring feature to watch their current location.

Mobile tracker Track A Cell Phone To Supervise Your Kids

Track A Cell Phone To Supervise Your Kids
and Work Force At Once

Watch Your Child All The Time

Kids use more phones than adults from online classes to write notes; all their study is converted into the digital world. You can not ground them without a phone because they have to search for notes or make assignments with the help of this little device. NexaSpy - an app to track phone, secures your children by syncing all their data in your dashboard so you can watch all their digital activities.

Boost Your Business

Using employee monitoring software on Android phone in your office increases your staff productivity and increases your sales. With the best cell phone tracker app, you can easily monitor your employee or protect your company from all kinds of business scams. You can follow their emails, calls, or text messages, so you know whenever they breach any work policy.

Track Mobile 24/7 and Know What They Have Been Doing All Day

Track your kid’s Android phone location from anywhere you are. Only open your NexaSpy dashboard, click the target device’s real-time location, and check their current whereabouts in a second. Read messages and block anyone from their call list. Filter website content and lock their phone automatically, all in stealth mode.

Mobile tracker Track Mobile 24-7 and Know What They Have Been Doing All Day

Secure Youth With
Android Mobile Tracker App

NexaSpy enables you to track real-time location remotely via online dashboard.

You can access your target’s social media account. Read Chats and Media

By using the cell phone tracking app online, you can track phone activities

NexaSpy also enables you to spy on media gallery with remote access.

NexaSpy hidden phone tracker also captures surroundings with secret camera and microphone bug.

NexaSpy is Without a Doubt
The Best Cell Phone Tracker App

The NexaSpy app offers more cell phone tracking, spying, real-time monitoring and remote control features for less price. It has user friendly interface that makes it easy to use. The stealth mode keeps the app hidden. Moreover, it offers wide range compatibility, which means it supports all latest Android devices.


Still not satisfied? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that are covered by our experts.

Can you track someone's cell phone without them knowing?

Yes, you can track anyone's phone remotely from a distance, like a spy. You can track their calls, messages, location and many more with the NexaSpy mobile tracker app.

How can I track the location of a cell phone?

The easy way of tracking cell phones location remotely is to install the NexaSpy online cell phone tracker, which provides you real-time location with geo-fencing advanced technology to make a virtual border around your children. 

What is the best app to track someone's phone?

If you want one app to cover all your phone tracking problems, then NexaSpy phone tracker for Android is the best option. It offers you to locate the target device phone anytime from anywhere. It also helps you listen to surrounding voices by turning on the target device microphone. 

Can you track a phone without an app?

No. But, if you want cell phone tracking 24/7, then you should use NexaSpy mobile tracker.  It allows you to track real time location and view the whereabouts history remotely.

What is the most accurate cell phone tracker?

NexaSpy is the best cell phone tracker. It gives you accurate data about the target device and provides you real-time location of the phone.

Is there a phone tracker that actually works?

Yes, NexaSpy is an online app which can track everything on the target device. You only have to install its APK file on the phone that you want to spy on. After that, you can control their whole phone remotely.

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