Refund Policy

Please note that all purchases of The NexaSpy, mobile spy software, are subject to this refund policy’s terms. All users must read our refund terms carefully as it explains the customer’s rights. There can be certain regulations and limitations.

Common Terms for Transactions:

Please get in touch with our customer care representatives if you have any questions or technical issues after purchasing the NexaSpy app. They will record your complaint and transfer it to our support center. Then, we will take remedial actions to address and solve the issue. Our technical support team can resolve most of the complaints we receive. However, if your issue is resolved, your refund request will not be processed If we couldn’t resolve your issue; you may request a refund. Our support team will decide whether or not a refund is granted.

Terms for Refund:

Our customer representatives will process eligible refund requests by our Refund Policy. Read NexaSpy’s refund policy in full so that you know the terms and conditions. No refunds will be accepted or processed if they are outside our Refund Policy’s scope. The user needs to check that their target device is compatible with the NexaSpy software before installing the app. Unfortunately, the NexaSpy app is incompatible with Symbian Belle & Bada devices. If you can’t access your software due to an internet connection issue or disruptions with your ISP, then you’ve experienced a failure. Failure in the functionality of NexaSpy app happens when; You can’t access NexaSpy software because of an updated operating system or a reset target device. The target device owner has not given consent to install The NexaSpy. The target user has no access or ownership to the monitored device. Failure to install NexaSpy on desired device physically. The NexaSpy app installation was unsuccessful due to the inability to unlock the target device. Suppose you’re experiencing any trouble trying to access the NexaSpy. In that case, it may be due to a change in your location, inconsistency with your internet connection, or a firewall set up on your device. Consider that Failure to access The NexaSpy due to changes in the user ISP connection. Also, poor or no network connectivity due to roaming issues. Changes in carrier operators can cause fluctuations in user connectivity. If you’re trying to access the software but still need to pay your carrier subscription or have enough money in your account, it’ll indicate failed functionality. The target user has denied installing the NexaSpy software. The device to be monitored reverts to factory status. The target device’s OS is updated. If the user needs to help to understand the setup guidelines, this is likely due to a need for more explanation from the Support Center Staff. In addition, the website needs to provide more detail for users to be able to follow the instructions correctly. If you want to avoid Failure when it comes to installing the NexaSpy onto devices, it’s vital that you first check the devices to ensure no issues will arise. If you’re experiencing poor connectivity or too much disruption, it might be because you’ve installed the NexaSpy on multiple devices. To fix this, try subscribing to a single-device plan. If for any circumstance you need to discontinue your subscription, NexaSpy’s team is happy to assist you. Whether you no longer want the service or have changed your mind, we’ll gladly stop your subscription and issue a refund for unused time. Any damage can be done to the NexaSpy software as a result of pre-installed antivirus software or other software on the target device. After verification, we upgrade a user’s email upon request. Therefore, if you believe you have entered your email incorrectly, please get in touch with us so we can update it. Poor WiFi connection disrupts reconnection. There should be more space on your Android device to back up your data. The privacy of your target device can be significantly increased by using two-factor authentication. The NexaSpy can help you set this up so that you can ensure data safety. The NexaSpy offers many features for monitoring WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and Viber on non-rooted devices.

Refund Procedure:

The user must submit a refund request to our Helpdesk in order to receive a refund at info@nexaspy.com We aim to complete all verified refund claims within seven business days.

The Chargeback Effects:

If a user’s credit card is charged back, we reserve the right to terminate our services immediately. Until the payment has been confirmed, we reserve the right to cease the user’s account. Service restoration and account validation are subject to our decision. The user agrees to pay all legal fees if a dispute arises from the chargeback issue.