The Ultimate
Parental Control App

Start Protecting Your Children

Supervise your children the whole nine yards, explore what is happening in their lives by keeping tabs on their phones, and monitor their whereabouts. NexaSpy helps you to protect your kids when they are alone.

The Ultimate Parental Control App

Know Everything About
Anyone in Stealth Mode

Monitoring your children’s activities is most important in this digital era. After the internet, accessing any adult content is easy. For predators, it has now become very effortless to connect with your children.
NexaSpy offers you superior features to spy on your kids’ digital steps, filter content consumption, or control social media; they don’t even think you are watching them.

Keep Watch Over
Their Android Phones

With NexaSpy, it is easy peasy to spy on their Android phone. Install the application on their Android phone and start monitoring with NexaSpy’s first-rate features. If you are looking for an all in one solution, for controlling their screen timing to monitoring throughout Android phones, NexaSpy is your saviour.

Andriod spy app

Compatible with all Android versions, NexaSpy offers comprehensive advanced features to track the target device with 100% remote access. It’s a key to unlock the secrets by monitoring instant messages, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Call logs, live location, and many more!

  • Check the browsing history of the target device secretly
  • Listen to call recordings to find out the truth
  • Read online chats to know what they talk about
  • Spy on camera & record surroundings

Mobile Tracker

NexaSpy is the best employee monitoring software you need to lead your team &  win your business game. Monitor your employees to detect if anyone breaches your work policy or shares your company’s confidential data with a third party. It helps employers track their productivity and tasks during working hours without being around. 

  • Get a full 360 surroundings view of the target device
  • View their location & find out their whereabouts
  • Inspect any illicit link access by your employee with a screen recording feature 
  • Read emails to unlock the truth with 100% remote access.
Mobile tracking
Parents monitering

Parental Control App

Kids are not safe from online dangers until parents get NexaSpy. It allows monitoring of digital activities to prevent their exposure to potential internet threats, such as cyberbullying, harassment, drug dealers, online predators, scammers, etc. It’s time to take action and use the best parental control app to keep an eye on them discreetly.

  • Learn your teens’ whereabouts with a live location feature
  • Monitor what they post on social media
  • Limit screen time to avoid their addictive behavior
  • See their browsing history in stealth mode

Employee Monitoring App

NexaSpy is a reliable mobile tracker as it gives remote access to the target device & allows you to view live locations. It tracks the target device’s location through Wi-Fi and GPS.  In addition, view location history & learn whereabouts with Wi-Fi log details. It’s time to uncover the truth & keep track of your loved ones with NexaSpy’s advanced features.

  • Track live location on your own device anytime, anywhere
  • Use the geo-fencing feature & create virtual boundaries to get instant alerts
  • View images and videos of your loved ones under stealth mode
  • Receive notifications when the target device user enters & exits the virtual boundaries

Instant Mobile Tracking With 24/7 Alerts

Track anyone’s whereabouts in seconds with NexaSpy, the best location-monitoring app for Android phones. Locate the target device pin point place using GPS or Wi-Fi-based location tracking software. When you are not being able to locate your children, get live whereabouts on your dashboard.

Monitor location history or live position.

Make your location barrier with geo-fencing.

Checklist of all favourite spots they visited.

Save time stamps of location when they are outside.


Still not satisfied? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that are covered by our experts.

Is using an Android spy app legal?

Yes, it is legit for all legal use, but you can install Android spy apps on the phone you own, or before using it on anyone's phone, first tell them about it. Read the NexaSpy EULA and privacy policy for additional details.

How do you watch out for your kids?

There are several programs that can guide you in keeping track of your kids' online and offline activities. Like NexaSpy, offers you location tracking to keep track of their whereabouts and offers screen monitoring, too, so you can watch their digital life as well.

Can companies monitor employees?

Many companies use monitoring software in this digital era to protect their business from fraud. NexaSpy helps small and corporate sector businesses to watch their employees' phone actions during working hours. Business owners can also monitor emails to protect files and sent or received messages. These all help you to boost the productivity of employees.

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