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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NexaSpy?

NexaSpy is the latest cell phone tracking app. It is a phone monitoring software that assists people in keeping an eye on and recording the online activities of the target user device. It also provides personal data backup. NexaSpy is the complete solution for parents to monitor and record the cellular actions of their children. It spies on phone books, all dialled and received calls, text messages, web browsing history, GPS location, and other activities.

How does NexaSpy work?

NexaSpy spies on the target device, then records the data gathered from the target device. Once you install the NexaSpy app into the target person's device, it begins its spying functionality. It obtains information from the target device, which you can monitor from your account's dashboard. NexaSpy works in background mode. You can access the NexaSpy control panel by entering a password through any phone or computer browser. Moreover, when you want to track the target device, you must sign in to your NexaSpy account.

Is the NexaSpy app undetectable?

Yes, the NexaSpy monitoring app is undetectable. While monitoring the target device, it leaves no trace of spying. It works in stealth mode, meaning it remains hidden on mobile devices or tablets. Additionally, the screen of the target device will not display it.

What digital gadgets support NexaSpy?

NexaSpy is compatible with all the latest Android devices and tablets. It works on all devices having Android 4.0+ operating systems.

Can I remotely install NexaSpy?

No, you should have physical access to the target devices when installing NexaSpy. NexaSpy can not be installed on Android phones remotely.

Why must the target device have reliable internet access?

The monitored device must have the internet at its end so that when NexaSpy records data, it is easily transferred to the dashboard. WiFi or mobile data are fine for transferring the monitored device data to the control panel.

How many devices can NexaSpy monitor?

NexaSpy single licence will allow you to monitor only one device. If you want to track more than one device, you need multiple licences of the NexaSpy.

How can I have access to someone's messages without accessing their phone?

You can read all the messages by considering the steps given below:

  • Attain NexaSpy licence
  • Install the NexaSpy tracking software on the person’s device.
  • Sign in to your NexaSpy account and view the dashboard.
  • From the sidebar menu, click text messages.
  • Now you can read all the sent and received messages of the target device.
Is spying with NexaSpy illicit activity?

You can use NexaSpy for legal purposes, monitoring your kid’s daily activities, or your employee’s. However, please make sure to use NexaSpy for authorised devices only.

Buying-Related FAQs

Is it necessary to buy NexaSpy from the target device?

No, you can purchase a NexaSpy subscription from any device or browser.

Where can I buy the NexaSpy?

First, visit the official website www.nexaspy.com and press the buy now button you find on our website. Then, you can buy Nexaspy by registering yourself on our website.

After buying the NexaSpy, how much do I have to wait to get the software?

You will get an email with a link to set up NexaSpy immediately after purchasing a NexaSpy subscription.

Does NexaSpy ensure the security of my credit card details?

Yes, every personal detail you provide us is safe and secure. Our main focus is to maintain your privacy. So relax while providing credit card details.

Will NexaSpy be mentioned on my credit card receipt?

As NexaSpy is a hidden software, we ensure that its purchasing remains hidden. So NexaSpy will not be mentioned on your bills.

Can you refund me if NexaSpy software is not up to my mark?

Review our refund policy if you want a refund guide. It’s better to contact our team if NexaSpy needs to be better.

Subscription-Related FAQs

How many licences are required to spy on multiple devices?

Using a single licence, you can spy on a single device. However, if you wish to spy on more than one device, you must buy multiple subscriptions.

Are there any concessions on multiple subscriptions?

At present, we are not giving discounts. But it’s better to consult our customer panel regarding such questions.

Am I allowed to update my subscription if my previous subscription has yet to expire?

Yes, you can renew The NexaSpy subscription anytime—no need to consider whether your previous subscription is valid.

Is my subscription automatically renewed?

No, NexaSpy will ask you to continue with the recurring payment or buy a new subscription upon expiry.

How to cancel a subscription?

The users should contact our customer support representatives to cancel the subscription. Once you cancel the subscription, all the personal information and the customer’s account are erased from our backend data.

Download & Configuration-Related FAQs

How can I download The NexaSpy App?

First, buy the NexaSpy app. After buying, we will send an email mentioning the download guide. After that, you can install the app through the instructions in the mail..

What conditions to meet to install the NexaSpy app on the target device?

To download: The target device must be physically reachable. Moreover, you must know the password or pattern to unlock the target phone. Following the installation instructions, you may install NexaSpy after unlocking the phone.

Can I monitor more than one gadget with NexaSpy?

Yes, you can spy and install NexaSpy on numerous gadgets. But it would be best if you bought a separate subscription on every device you wish to spy on, as one subscription is for a single device.

Is the target person allowed to uninstall the NexaSpy without owner approval?

Only the owner can uninstall the app from the target person’s phone. The target person cannot delete or uninstall the app from their phone.

How can I uninstall the NexaSpy software?

You can uninstall the NexaSpy app by contacting our Support team. We are available around the clock to help you regarding your concerns.

Functionality/Performance-Related FAQs

How to monitor the target device using NexaSpy?

You start monitoring the target device by logging into the NexaSpy account from your phone or any browser. Once you’ve paid for the NexaSpy software, you’ll get an email with your account information and installation instructions.

Does NexaSpy allow me to view deleted messages?

Yes, you can access the messages removed by the target user. But remember that if the target person deletes the messages before backup, they cannot recover.

What is the data upload capacity of NexaSpy?

There is no range or limit of data on the NexaSpy cloud server. Therefore, you can have endless data storage on the NexaSpy dashboard.

Can I access the target device via my smartphone?

The major benefit of NexaSpy is that you can monitor the target device remotely using your device. But before monitoring, you need to root the app on the target smartphone.

Am I allowed to track all the data from my device?

Yes, once the NexaSpy is rooted, you can completely access the target person’s device. In addition, you can spy on everything happening on the target gadget.

Can I get notifications related to NexaSpy upgrades?

You can get prompt notifications as soon as the NexaSpy is updated. 

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