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Keep Watch on Every Employee

Monitor Their Business Calls, Contacts, and More With NexaSpy

Track all your employees’ actions in their duty timings with the reliable employee surveillance app. Track employees without any hassle.

Employee Monitoring Keep Watch on Every Employee

Best Solution to Monitor
Your Staff’s Online Actions

Are you tired of manually checking on your employees? With a busy schedule, do you find it heavy on your nerves to inspect the activities your employees do during their shifts? NexaSpy employee monitoring app is the best solution to the organisation’s concerns. Studies found that more than 48% of companies lose their revenue yearly because of one disloyal employee who reveals all of the firm’s information to the outside world. NexaSpy remote employee monitoring software lets you detect what your employees are doing and dealing with daily. Daily news broadcasts show the company’s data is approached by online looters who scam them and later spoil its industry’s stats. To keep checking your employees, you should use the NexaSpy top employee monitoring tool. It spies on the workers and informs you timely about any illicit activities that may break a company.

Enjoy Real-time Employee Monitoring
with NexaSpy’s Powerful Features

Monitor calls, contacts, surroundings, and other activities of company-owned Android devices in real-time with NexaSpy.

How to Monitor Work
Phones Secretly?

Watch the detailed video to learn more.

The Need for
Parental Monitoring



Cyber threats are considered the worst nightmare for any organization. Suppose an employee accesses any malicious data or links. In that case, all the data of your company is leaked to a third party, and the firm faces severe consequences. NexaSpy Android spy for employee monitoring  assists in inspecting any illicit link accessed by your employees.

Security of corporate data

Security of Corporate Data

Companies are more likely to face online challenges, including exposure to their confidential data. If unlikely proprietary information is revealed to its competitors, a company may lose millions of dollars and may face other greatest losses. NexaSpy monitors employees with an eagle eye and lets you save business promptly if any such thing is happening.

Internal Scams

Internal Scams

Organizations globally face the consequences of internal frauds just because of some disloyal employees. One single piece of information leaked can put a company's reputation at stake. Such jeopardy can take your business from 100 to 0. NexaSpy helps companies to monitor their employees & securing corporate details by empowering them.

Monitor your staff

Monitor Your Staff

NexaSpy employee tracking app enables you to snoop into the digital activities of your workers. Now spying is no more hectic. You can know whether they are wasting time during working hours or are seriously involved in their work.

Track Online Activities

Track Online Activities

NexaSpy is the best employee monitoring software to read all messages of your staff, who they are calling, contact details, and whether they are involved in some illicit acts or deceiving you. Everything is visible to you with this amazing app.

known all detail about their action

Know All Details About Their Actions

Monitoring staff members Android phone and tablets could be better now because you have NexaSpy next to you. Boost their performance by spying on them and let yourself notify them about any wrongdoer present in your company.

Employee Monitorig Track Employee Real-Time Location & Digital Activities

Track Employee Real-Time
Location & Digital Activities

Covert Monitoring

Spy like no one does so. NexaSpy employee monitoring software for Android devices ensures you are not detectable to your employees. It has made monitoring much simpler with its extraordinary features.

Track With Correctness

Have you spent a lot of money yet to get desired results? NexaSpy gives you access to the entire digital screen of your employees. 100% accurate results are guaranteed.

Monitor Your Employees & Locate Them Anytime Listen Surroundings
& Live Video Recording

NexaSpy provides you a full 360 view of the target device’s surroundings and you can easily turn on its microphone, which assists you in listening and recording surroundings’ voices. NexaSpy also offers to record their ambiance video or pictures of the target device anytime. It is the first phone monitoring app with a 360 VR video recording feature.

Empoyee Monitor Monitor Your Employees & Locate Them Anytime Listen Surroundings

Inspect, Observe &
Stop Them Right Now!

Examine every detail of your employee to know whether they are working passionately or leaking any corporate or personal data.

NexaSpy permits you to be vigilant by keeping track of your employee actions.

By using stealth employee monitoring software, you can find out what they do on their work phones.

NexaSpy’s real time employee monitoring enables you to view their live location. The app is soon releasing employee monitoring software for iPhone and iPad.

You can also track emails, messages, call logs, and browsing history of company-owned phones with NexaSpy.

Observe Like a Secret Agent,
Take Action as An Employer!

Do you wish to monitor your employees in a stealthy mood? Install NexaSpy stealth employee monitoring software and get real-time access to all the actions the workforce is performing on their phones.


Still not satisfied? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that are covered by our experts.

What are the benefits of employee monitoring?

Following are some of its benefits

  • Increase employees performance
  • Let them utilise their working shifts without wasting time
  • Less number of mistakes
  • Assist in providing security for the firm
  • The staff becomes more responsible as they know all their actions are being tracked.
How do you monitor employees in the workplace?

Monitoring employees by oneself is a tedious task. With NexaSpy top employee monitoring software, you can watch them anytime. Follow these steps

  • First, Buy a license from NexaSpy and activate it.
  • Secondly, Install NexaSpy on the target user's device
  • Thirdly, complete your registration and sign up from your NexaSpy account
  • Lastly, opt for an employee monitoring program and track your employees covertly.
What is the main reason for monitoring employees?

No one knows that your employee is disclosing your firm's confidential information to its competitors or that your worker is watching YouTube during working hours. In cases like these, where you want to track the actions of your employees merely to accelerate their performances, it becomes necessary to use an employee monitoring app.

Do employers have the right to monitor employees?

Yes! Employers have the right to access all the calls, text messages, website history, etc. of work phones. However, employers need to mention the phone monitoring practice in the work contract to make sure employees acknowledge that.

What are the three methods of employee monitoring?

You can monitor an employee through various methods

The common three ways are;

  1. Video Surveillance. 

In this case, the employees are monitored through cameras.

  1. GPS Tracking

This method of monitoring is for those employees who do outdoor tasks. Through GPS tracking, you can track their live locations.

  1. Work Phone Monitoring

The last and the most favourable one is to track the employees digitally via spying applications. You can track social media accounts, website history, phone calls, text messages, and more.

What programs are used to spy on employees?

There is much spyware available online to keep tabs on your employees, but the best one is the NexaSpy employee tracking tool. It spies on all digital actions performed by the employees.

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