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Monitor Their All Facebook Chats & Conversations

NexaSpy Records Sent, Received, & Deleted Facebook Chats

If you are searching for all-in-one Facebook spy software that can give you a full overview of what your spouse and children are doing on the most popular social media platform. NexaSpy is the best option for you.

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Use Facebook Spy to

Facebook Has the Most Active Teens and Adults Users
NexaSpy is the Best Facebook Spy App in the Market

Monitor Facebook Messenger

Monitor Facebook Messenger

NexaSpy shares the target device’s Facebook messages with timestamps which help you to monitor what type of friends they have.

Uncover Facebook Contacts

Uncover Facebook Contacts

From chats to monitoring contact details, everything is in front of you. Just open your account and watch their Facebook messenger details.

Facebook Spy Without Target Phone

Facebook Spy Without Target Phone

You only have to download NexaSpy on the target device. After that, you can peek on their Facebook anytime from anywhere.

How to Use The NexaSpy
Facebook Spy App?

Get step-by-step instructions on how to use the NexaSpy Facebook spying app from this instructional video.

NexaSpy Facebook Spyware is Extraordinary Than Normal Spy Apps

With NexaSpy, you can view their Facebook conversations. You can view contacts from their friend list or track texting time stamps from their Facebook messenger.
NexaSpy Facebook Spyware is Extraordinary Than Normal Spy Apps

NexaSpy Knows Everything —
Reveal Shady Chats from Their Instant Messenger

Just download the best Facebook spying app, so you don’t miss details about your loved one’s digital life. Once you install NexaSpy on the target device, you can monitor their Facebook chats and friends, all in stealth mode. Facebook spy app for iPhone and Android gives you access to their Fb messenger. It also helps protect your children from cyberbullying, sex offenders, predators, and online scams; knowing how to spy on Facebook gives you insights about whom they were talking to or if they were talking about anything suspicious.
NexaSpy Knows Everything Reveal Shady Chats from Their Instant Messenger
NexaSpy Stealth Mode Facebook Spy Without Target Device

NexaSpy Stealth Mode — Facebook Spy Without Target Device

You only have to install NexaSpy on the target device. After setup, you can easily watch their Facebook profile on your phone. NexaSpy is the best-hidden way to monitor all digital activities on the target device. Facebook has a billion active users, and you don’t know what your children are doing on that platform. Children don’t like parents’ interruptions in their personal life. That’s why NexaSpy gives a 100% hidden way to peek at their phone.

Monitor Facebook Messenger — Read Sent or Received Chats

Social media is not only time-wasting but also full of threats. You can not imagine whom you are chatting with; they can be sex offenders, predators, or a child abuser. Facebook has more than 2.3 billion active users, and Facebook roughly estimates that 1.4 billion accounts are fake from these. Now think about how many people use fake information to seduce anyone. Children often meet someone online and plan to meet them outside without concerning their parents. NexaSpy provides a screenshot of the live chats, and you can also read deleted messages from chats. NexaSpy Facebook spy app for Android also comes with keyword alerts, so you will get an instant alert when they use inappropriate words on their messenger.
Monitor Facebook Messenger Read Sent or Received Chats

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Here are the Unmatched Qualities Only

100% Security

NexaSpy is a secure app that you can trust. All the data collected is encrypted, and only the registered users can access spied information. So your data is safe with us.

Instant Installation

The installation process for NexaSpy is simple, and the app is easy to use. However, we have included all steps in the installation guide to benefit our valued customers.

Live Customer Support

Our support team is online 24/7/365 to help you with any product questions. They are equipped with complete product knowledge and will address your queries promptly.

Troubleshoot Guide

If you're having difficulty installing the app, NexaSpy’s troubleshooting guide can assist you. If you need technical assistance, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

Satisfied Functionality

NexaSpy is an app that is very easy to use. Enjoy the features NexaSpy offers and spy on cell phones and tablets. In addition, NexaSpy delivers more advanced spy tools than any other brand.


Compatibility is a crucial consideration when choosing a monitoring app. Check the compatibility of your target device and see all the supported phone brands and models.

You're Only
3 Steps Away

You're Only 3 Steps Away

FREE Registration

Get started with NexaSpy app by creating a free user account now. Register for an account and set it up according to your needs - it's very much that easy!

Affordable Packages

We offer three tiers of subscription plans - basic, premium, and platinum. Choose the one that best fits your needs. In addition, all plans come with monitoring services.

Start Monitoring

By subscribing to NexaSpy cell phone spying app, you will gain access to the mobile monitoring & parental control features available on the control panel.

NexaSpy is Your Armour Against
All the Cyber Threats - It is Secure, Safe, & Reliable

We understand how frustrating it can be when you’re trying to use a spy app and need help but can’t seem to get in touch with anyone. NexaSpy will never leave you hanging! NexaSpy technical assistance is always here to help you, and our team guarantees your satisfaction. We also want to assure you that your recorded information is secure with us.

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Still not satisfied? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that are covered by our experts.

How to spy on someone's Facebook activity?

Many spy apps in the market offer to track anyone's Facebook account, but most are not authentic, and others need jailbreak to work. NexaSpy offers the best Facebook spyware app. Leaving aside scams, get an official and real Facebook spy app.

Do I need to root my phone to spy on Facebook?

No, you only have to install NexaSpy on the target device. After that, open your dashboard from anywhere and monitor their timeline or messages without rooting.

Can you monitor someone's Facebook without them knowing?

Yes, NexaSpy works in a complete stealth mode, which helps you check all their activities in the hidden mode. Parents can use Facebook spy apps on children, which always update them on what is happening in their loved ones' lives without disturbing their personal space.