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The NexaSpy permits you to take control of your loved one’s information and hold over your business because we know you deserve it. The full list of NexaSpy features work in stealth/hidden mode. The NexaSpy enables you to keep tabs on your children’s online activities and to monitor your employees during working hours.
features That Is Designed Specifically To Meet Your Needs

Every Call Is Worth It
In The Matter Of Emergency

The convenient way to snoop on someone is to spy on their calls and listen to what they say. Record every call, monitor whom they contact, track all received calls, all information is at your fingertips.
features phone Call Recording

Phone Call Recording

Listen to all the inbound and outgoing calls of your loved ones. If you doubt any threat, detect the deceiver.


Monitor Call History

Spy call logs with inbound, outbound, and unanswered call details, including duration, time, and date.


Phone Book Contacts

The individual who has contact with your employee may pose a risk to your firm. Know every reference on their phone book list.

Instantaneously Spy Every
Social Media Details Remotely

Social media proves to be evil to some people. Your child may access inappropriate websites or become headlines because of illicit actions. It is better to prevent than to cure oneself from depression—just a single click away from spying on conversations, posts, photos, videos, and much more.


Monitor streaks and retrieve chats offline.


Access all messages, view all saved contacts, including their profiles, and spy on pictures and videos.


View profile, access to friend list, and read all messenger messages and posts.


Read all conversations and IG DMs in seconds without letting them know..


Spy on all activities offline. Read messages and chats.

Track Your Friends And
Family Using Google Maps

It is devastating for a parent to come across such tragic news that their little one is missing.  Monitor your child’s every move when they are away from you. Additionally, you can monitor your child’s location via Wi-Fi Logging in public. When your youngster goes somewhere alone, use geo-fencing to find them and monitor their every move. Additionally, you may monitor your youngster via open Wi-Fi tracking. Turn on geo-fencing to receive
Wi-Fi Logs

Access to location details instantly from a smartphone that is connected with public Wi-Fi. Analyze its connection name, timestamps, and duration of connectivity.

GPS Location

With live GPS tracking, you can find a family member or coworker and see their entry and exit timings and location history.


Restrict an area to either an approved or prohibited region. If a target device goes against the fence, you get a notification.

Geo Fencing

Features Track Your Friends And Family Using Google Maps

Be Sure to Check
All Questionable Texts or Emails

Employees can disclose sensitive company data information to competitors, or children can use their emails to join any illicit website. So before things run out of control, keeping an eye on all actions is essential.
Gmail Tracking

On an Android smartphone, use the Gmail app to access all emails instantly. In addition, attain remote access to all sent and received emails.

SMS Monitoring

Access and read each text that the target user has sent and received.

Digital Browsing
Can Provide Personality Insights

Children like hiding stuff behind their browser history and keeping all installed apps on their devices secret. You can snoop all installed application information with Nexa Spy. Control everything, then keep an eye on what they do behind your back.
Track Online Activity

Monitor viewed web pages, number of visits, and time and date. You can also view bookmarked websites.

App Tracking

You can get information on every app installed on the target device. You can also view apps that the target person frequently uses.

Features Digital Browsing Can Provide Personality Insights
Features 24-7 Notifications And Remote Monitoring Make Your Life Smooth

24/7 Notifications And
Remote Monitoring Make Your Life Smooth

Set immediate notifications for calls, locations, or geofencing to protect your loved ones. Bosses can set alerts to know their employee’s whereabouts. To manage work, remotely access the target device.
Prompt Notifications

Receive phone activity, location-based, and geo-fencing notifications.

Offline Access

Give instructions to target device smartphones, disable an app, and lock or restart the device.

Prompt Notifications

Offline Access

Track the Target Android Device's Images And Videos

Your children can no longer hide their photos and other media content. Even if your child removes the files from the Android smartphone, you can still recover them. Businesses must safeguard their private data, and multimedia monitoring aids them in keeping track of all shared files.

Stored Photos

View every picture that's on the target's device by monitoring media gallery.

Video Spying

Watch each video that is currently on the device or has been removed.

Voice Message Tracking

You can access all voicemails sent or received through social networking applications.

Features page Track the Target

You're Only
3 Steps Away

You're Only 3 Steps Away

FREE Registration

Get started with NexaSpy app by creating a free user account now. Register for an account and set it up according to your needs - it's very much that easy!

Affordable Packages

We offer three tiers of subscription plans - basic, premium, and platinum. Choose the one that best fits your needs. In addition, all plans come with monitoring services.

Start Monitoring

By subscribing to NexaSpy cell phone spying app, you will gain access to the mobile monitoring & parental control features available on the control panel.

Listen And Watch All
Happenings In The Surroundings

When NexaSpy is available, you shouldn’t worry about the safety of a loved one. Because we care about you, we have developed a list of extraordinary features on which you can rely. Use the phone’s front and back cameras to observe the outside world. Remotely capture the videos and enjoy surround sound.

Surroundings Recordings

By remotely activating the mobile device's microphone, you may record and listen to ambient noises.


Camera Spying

Turn the device's camera on to start recording videos. Then you can view the recorded files.


Live Camera

You may remotely observe and hear everything around you while using a mobile device.

One And Only Fully Loaded
Spy App With Premium Features

The digital world is a maze of offenders, predators, cyber criminals, and bullies. NexaSpy provides you the power to control anyone’s phone, so you can protect your loved ones. Let’s shield your family or business with NexaSpy.

Monitor Installed Apps

Watch a list of all downloaded applications & view screen time of all individual apps on your phone.

Hack Phone Contacts

Spy on their address book with the full detail of the numbers. Spot anonymous and false information about the numbers.

Track Browsing History

Supervise their phone browsing history, find their favorite websites, and monitor time and date, all without touching their phone.

Peek into Their Gallery

Check on what type of content they record or download from any platform. Access all photos and videos saved in the gallery.

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