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For Android smartphones, NexaSpy is the greatest mobile phone parental control. It assists you in keeping track of phone usage and safeguarding your children against online threats and cyberbullying.

NexaSpy Enables Remote
Parental Supervision in Real-Time

NexaSpy is a wonderful program with outstanding parental monitoring capabilities. It enables you to keep an eye on mobile activity and defend your children against online threats and cyberbullying. You can fully control your children’s cell phone usage using NexaSpy. You can establish screen time restrictions, disable objectionable applications and games, and receive immediate notifications. By doing this, you can protect kids from offensive material, phone addiction, cyberbullying, sexual predators, and other internet dangers.

Limit Their Screen
Usage With a Few Clicks

For kids, the internet may be a dangerous place. With NexaSpy’s sophisticated surveillance tools, you can safeguard your family.

How to Control Their
Android Phones Secretly?

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The Need for
Parental Monitoring

Exposure to Harmful Content

Unsuitable information is among the most prevalent internet risks for kids. Anything from vulgar language and hate speech to extremely violent or sexual imagery might hurt a child’s impressionability. To protect your kids from these dangers, the whole solution is parental controls for Android cell phones.


This type of threat elevates the seriousness of online bullying to a completely new level. By sending threatening or harassing messages, cyberstalking frequently aims to cause severe emotional distress. This conduct not only reveals an unhealthy fixation or infatuation, but it also has the potential to develop into more serious crimes like sextortion or kidnapping of your child or teen. NexaSpy must be used to overcome these contemporary challenges in order to protect your youngster from these dangers.


In this specific assault crime, private and sensitive information about your child or adolescent is gathered and posted online without their consent. The intention might be to prank your youngster or to annoy or threaten them. However, these actions may have a lasting impact. The goal might be to irritate, threaten, or play a practical joke on your child. Nevertheless, these measures could have a long-term effect. In order to protect your children from these dangers, NexaSpy enables you to monitor their internet activity.

Remotely Monitor Your Child's Screen Time

NexaSpy enables screen recording on mobile devices. This program enables parents to monitor how much time their children spend using technology to safeguard them from internet dangers.

Protect Your Child

There is an abundance of material available online. The internet is a great resource but it is also challenging to keep kids from accessing unsuitable and dangerous material, such as harsh or violent content, or sexual photos and movies. Kids can easily find online content which is sexual, disturbing, or unsuitable. Parents may protect their children from these online predators by using NexaSpy to block hazardous websites and games.

Avoid Other Risks to Child Safety

Some internet threats don’t fall under these headings. These include vulnerabilities to privacy, sophisticated technology (such as artificial intelligence ) concerns, and risks to health and wellbeing (such as poor physical and mental health from excessive online use). The only way to protect your kids from these fifth-generation digital hazards is with a cell phone parental control app.

Power Up Your Parenting
by Taking Control of Their Phone

Take Control of Their All Devices

You may now use parental control software NexaSpy to keep tabs on Android mobile devices running Android OS versions up to Android 12. Additionally, NexaSpy is the latest Android spy app to hit the market.

Get the Remote Access.

Download NexaSpy on your chosen phone to acquire real-time access and monitor a variety of activities, such as social network accounts, online surfing, GPS position, and more. NexaSpy will enable you to monitor your child's smartphone covertly.

Guard Them in Your Absence
NexaSpy Protection Shield Keeps Them Safe Online

Online predators or cyberbullying are the most common online threats. As a parent, you can not ignore these. Keeping a watch on their screens gives you stats on how much time they work, or they only waste time on social media scrolling. If any online predator harasses your child, NexaSpy gives you instant alert.

Advanced Software With
The Best Parental Controls

NexaSpy’s location tracking is just amazing. Real-time location monitoring is made possible via GPS tracking.

On the map, you will have the option to build virtual walls. You will be informed if the child ever goes over that fence.

All of the calls and texts will be remotely trackable.

You can capture screenshots as the app monitors your device's screen.

The keyword recorder will record all entered words, even those left in the input box but not transmitted.

NexaSpy is The Only
Social Media Parental Control App That Works!

If you’re still searching for answers about how to control or take a look at the cell phones of your children, then NexaSpy is your savior. The installation process for NexaSpy is simple, and the app is easy to use. You can monitor them from work, gym, or even if you’re on vacation.


Still not satisfied? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that are covered by our experts.

Is there a free parental control app?

Android and iOS built-in parental controls are free, but they only offer limited features. However, NexaSpy is budget-friendly and offers a free parental control app demo that comes in handy if you really want some advanced tools to restrict your kids’ online space.

What is the best parental control?

NexaSpy is the best parental control app for Android that delivers high-end features. It keeps an eye on your kids' messages, emails, YouTube videos, and social media sites. You can detect bullying, sexual predators, suicidal thoughts, violent threats, despair, and other things.

Can I monitor my child’s phone without them knowing?

Parental controls are features that allow you to monitor and restrict what your child does online. NexaSpy is developed to provide a better, simpler, and more efficient approach to keeping kids safe online.

How can I view my child’s text messages?

The best method for keeping an eye on and reading all texts on your child's phone is to use the NexaSpy mobile phone parental control app.

At what age do parental controls turn off?

You should research the age requirements in your country because if your child is older than 18, you might be held responsible for spying on them without their consent.

How can I monitor everything that happens on my child's phone?

You need to use the parental control software the NexaSpy to covertly track their phone. The multiple functions of NexaSpy work well with the Android operating system. Some of its features include location tracking, app management, social media tracking, and device locking. Therefore this parental control app android works best as compared to others.

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