NortonFamily Review: Managing Screen Time with NortonFamily

NortonFamily Review: Managing Screen Time with NortonFamily

In today’s tech-driven world, keeping an eye on kids’ online activities is super important for parents. Mobile tracking apps are actually pretty helpful tools for moms and dads. They let parents see what their kids are up to on their phones and computers.

And while some people might not like the idea of mobile tracking apps, they’re really good at keeping kids safe from stuff like cyberbullying and talking to strangers online. So, diving into the world of spy apps doesn’t just about understand how they work—it’s about realizing why parents need them to make sure their kids stay safe online.

What is NortonFamily?

Norton Family is parental control software developed by NortonLifeLock. It’s designed to help parents monitor and manage their children’s online activities across various devices. With Norton Family, parents can set up filters to block inappropriate websites, track their kids’ online searches, monitor social media usage, and even set time limits for device usage.

Additionally, it provides insights into the types of websites children are visiting and alerts parents to potential dangers such as cyberbullying or unsafe online behavior. Overall, Norton Family aims to empower parents to protect their children in the digital age by giving them greater control over their online experiences.

How Does Norton Family Works?

Norton Family works by providing parents with a range of tools to monitor and manage their children’s online activities. Here’s how it typically operates:

Setup: Parents start by creating a Norton Family account and installing the software on their child’s devices, such as computers, smartphones, or tablets.

Customization: Once installed, parents can customize settings according to their preferences and their child’s needs. It includes setting up website filters, time limits for device usage, and monitoring social media activity.

Monitoring: Norton Family continuously monitors the child’s online activities; including Websites visited, Search terms used, social media interactions

It tracks this information in real-time and provides reports to parents through a centralized dashboard.

Blocking and Alerts: If a child tries to access a blocked website or violates any preset rules, Norton Family can block access to the site and send alerts to the parent, notifying them of the attempted access or the rule violation.

Insights and Reports: Parents can access detailed insights and reports on their child’s online behavior, including:

  • Which websites they visit most frequently
  • How much time they spend online
  • Any attempts to access restricted content

Communication: Norton Family also facilitates communication between parents and children about online safety. It provides tools for discussing safe online practices and setting healthy boundaries.

Overall, Norton Family works proactively to help parents ensure their children’s safety in the digital world by giving them the tools they need to monitor, manage, and guide their online activities.

Norton Family Features

Norton Family is a comprehensive parental control solution designed to help parents safeguard their children’s online experiences. Here’s we discuss its key features:

1. Website Filtering and Blocking

Norton Family allows parents to set up customized filters to block access to inappropriate or harmful websites based on categories such as violence, drugs, or adult content.

Parents can whitelist specific websites that are deemed safe for their children to access, while also blacklisting sites that they want to block, providing fine-grained control over online content.

2. Time Supervision

Parents can set specific time limits for their children’s device usage, helping to manage screen time and promote healthy digital habits.

Norton Family enables parents to schedule device “time-outs,” temporarily blocking access to devices during certain hours, such as bedtime or homework time.

3. Search Monitoring and Safe Search

Norton Family monitors children’s online search activity, providing insights into the types of content they are looking for and the search terms they use.

Parents can enforce Safe Search settings across popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, ensuring that their children’s search results are filtered for explicit content.

4. Social Media Supervision

Norton Family tracks children’s activity on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, giving parent’s visibility into their interactions and posts.

Parents receive alerts and reports on their children’s social media activity, highlighting any potentially risky behavior or interactions.

5. Remote Management

Norton Family provides parents with a centralized dashboard where they can manage all aspects of their children’s online activities, including settings, reports, and alerts, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Parents can conveniently manage Norton Family settings and receive alerts on the go through the mobile app, ensuring continuous oversight even when away from home.

6. Insights and Reports

Norton Family generates detailed reports on children’s online activities, including websites visited, search terms used, and time spent online, allowing parents to gain valuable insights into their digital behavior.

Parents can access a comprehensive activity history, enabling them to track trends over time and identify any changes in their children’s online habits.

7. Instant Lock

In case of emergencies or immediate need for device interruption, parents can remotely lock their child’s device instantly, ensuring immediate cessation of online activity.

Norton Family empowers parents to create a safe and healthy online environment for their children. They are providing robust tools for monitoring, managing, and guiding their digital activities. With its wide range of features, Norton Family offers peace of mind to parents in the digital age. It is allowing them to navigate the complexities of online parenting with confidence.

Does Norton Family Monitor Snapchat?

While Norton Family offers excellent screen time and scheduling features, it does not support setting time limits on specific apps and lacks monitoring capabilities for Snapchat.

Does Norton Family Monitor Text Messages?

Norton Family offers the ability to block several popular social media apps among kids, including Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube. However, it lacks the feature to set time limits on individual social media apps and does not provide monitoring of your kids’ posts or text messages.

How Does Norton Family Cost?

If you opt for the Norton Deluxe plan priced at $49.99 for the first year, you’ll also get access to Norton Family included in the package. However, for additional features, you can consider upgrading to the Select plan, which includes LifeLock, available at $99.99 for the first year.

Norton Family vs NexaSpy

Norton Family offers comprehensive parental control functionalities across various devices, including website filtering, time supervision, search monitoring, social media supervision, remote management, insights and reports, and instant lock, all presented through an intuitive dashboard for easy management.

In contrast, NexaSpy primarily focuses on smartphone monitoring, providing features such as call and SMS tracking, GPS tracking, social media monitoring, and access to multimedia files, with a user experience that may vary depending on the device being monitored.

While Norton Family emphasizes cross-platform support and user-friendliness, NexaSpy offers a more device-specific approach with subscription-based pricing models, catering to different parental monitoring needs and preferences.


Norton Family emerges as a robust parental control solution for kids and teens. It is providing comprehensive features like website filtering, time supervision, social media monitoring, and remote management across various devices. Its user-friendly interface and cross-platform compatibility make it an accessible option for parents seeking to ensure their children’s online safety. With Norton Family, parents can confidently navigate the complexities of digital parenting, empowered by tools designed to foster a secure and healthy digital environment for their children.


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