FindMyKids Review: Is This App Designed For All Parents

FindMyKids Review: Is This App Designed For All Parents

In today’s digital age, ensuring your children’s safety is easier than ever with the help of mobile tracking apps. FindMyKids is an app that empowers parents to keep their children safe without constantly accompanying them.

This top mobile tracking app utilizes GPS and AI technology to provide your child with an extra layer of security. With it, you can relax knowing that you can easily review your child’s location and track their transportation method, giving you peace of mind.

Now, if you’re curious about how to track your child’s phone using FindMyKids, don’t worry; we’ll cover that in detail later in this blog. So, stick around until the end as we conclude our review of FindMyKids.

What is FindMyKids?

FindMyKids is a mobile tracking app designed to help parents monitor their children’s whereabouts and ensure their safety. This app lets you see your child’s real-time location on your phone.

It’s perfect when you want to ensure your child has arrived at school safely or is hanging out at a friend’s house. The app also lets you review where your child has been throughout the day, giving you peace of mind knowing your child is safe.

In addition to tracking their location, FindMyKids offers other helpful features. You can set up safe zones, like home or school, and get alerts when your child enters or leaves these areas.

There’s also an SOS button that your child can press in an emergency to alert you right away. Plus, you can check which apps your child is using and even listen to their phone’s surroundings if needed.

Overall, this phone tracking app is a great tool for any parent wanting to keep their kids safe and connected.

How FindMyKids Works?

FindMyKids turns your child’s mobile into a secret phone GPS tracker, allowing you to see their real-time location on your phone. To get started, you download the mobile phone tracking application on both your and your child’s phones.

Once everything is set up, you can open the app and see exactly where your child is at any time. It’s handy for ensuring they’re safe and where they’re supposed to be.

The mobile tracker app also has some cool features beyond location tracking. For example, you can set up safe zones like your home or school, and you’ll get an alert if your child leaves or enters these areas.

There’s also an SOS button that your child can press if they’re in trouble, which immediately alerts you. You can even check which apps they’re using and listen to their phone’s surroundings if needed. It’s a simple yet powerful way to keep your kids safe and connected.

Features of FindMyKids

Moreover, to rank the app better, we will discuss some important features of this children’s tracker app.

1. AI-Supported GPS Tracker

This top mobile tracker uses AI to collect GPS data from your child’s smartphone or GPS watch. It shows you where your child is, where they usually go, and their routes. You can even find out if they’re walking, biking, or using other transportation. If something seems off, the app can notify you right away.

2. SOS Button

The SOS button is a crucial feature. If your child is in trouble, they can press this button to send you an immediate alert so you can respond quickly.

3. Trigger Loud Signal Remotely

If your child is unresponsive, can’t hear their phone, or has misplaced it, you can use your smartphone to trigger a Loud Signal. The app, supported by GPS tracking smartwatches, helps you find your child’s device if they are close enough to hear the sound. This best phone tracker app lets kids know you’ve been trying to reach them.

4. Real-Time Location Tracking Updates

This top phone location tracking app lets you see your kids’ location in real-time. This app tracks my child’s location and helps reduce worries or fears when kids are late or hanging out.

5. Better Parent Control

This top app tracks your child’s GPS location and gives you other information, such as their screen time and the names of apps they install. With this feature, you can block sites and apps you don’t want them to visit.

6. Supports GPS Watch

The app for finding my child’s phone also supports GPS watch models. Tracking your child’s location and phone usage is much easier with these devices.

7. Safe Zones

With FindMyKids, you can set up safe zones like home or school. The mobile tracking app will alert you when your child enters or leaves these areas, giving you peace of mind.

8. Hear Surrounding Sounds If the Kid Is Unresponsive

If your kid isn’t responding, this Kid’s phone tracker app lets you listen to surrounding sounds to ensure they’re safe. Sometimes, it can even help save lives.

Does FindMyKids Monitor SnapChat?

No, FindMyKids does not specifically monitor Snapchat or other individual app usage. It primarily focuses on GPS tracking and safety features to help parents monitor their children’s whereabouts and ensure their safety.

Does FindMyKids Monitor Text Messages?

No, FindMyKids does not monitor text messages. Its main function is to help parents keep track of their children’s whereabouts and ensure their safety through:

  • GPS location tracking
  • Geofencing
  • SOS alerts and other safety features

How Does FindMyKids Cost?

FindMyKids typically offers a subscription-based pricing model. The cost varies depending on the features and subscription plan you choose. It often offers monthly or yearly subscription options, with prices varying based on the number of devices you want to track and any additional features you may need.

FindMyKids vs NexaSpy

NexaSpy and FindMyKids are different applications with distinct features catering to various needs.

FindMyKids primarily provides parents with tools to track their children’s locations and ensure their safety. It offers GPS tracking, geofencing, SOS alerts, and app usage monitoring. Its simplicity makes it an ideal choice for parents who prioritize location tracking and safety features for their children.

On the other hand, NexaSpy offers a broader range of monitoring features beyond just child tracking. It is designed for employee monitoring and parental control purposes, offering features such as call and text message monitoring, social media tracking, keylogging, and remote control of the target device.

While NexaSpy provides more extensive monitoring capabilities, it may be more suitable for parents or employers who require comprehensive monitoring beyond location tracking. Ultimately, the choice between FindMyKids and NexaSpy depends on your specific monitoring needs and preferences.


FindMyKids is a reliable mobile tracking app designed to address parents’ safety concerns by offering features such as GPS tracking, location history, geofencing, SOS alerts, and app usage monitoring. It provides a simple interface, making it easy to keep track of children’s whereabouts and ensure their safety. Focusing on child tracking and safety features, FindMyKids offers peace of mind to users who want to stay connected with their children and ensure their well-being.


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