How To Secretly Record Phone Calls of Someone?

How To Secretly Record Phone Calls of Someone?

Are you drowning in a sea of thoughts thinking about who your child is calling? What are they talking about, how long are those conversations?

Your partner has been giving hints of cheating and you want to secretly record their calls?

Or your employee is wasting hours talking on the phone using the office number? or trying to reveal company secrets outside the office?

Hunches like these may intimidate you, increasing your stress hormone levels.

These questions become overwhelming after a certain point and the only way out is to secretly record the calls of your loved ones.

In this article, we will explain a complete method to help you record phone calls of anyone in real time.

Let’s get started.

How To Record Phone Calls Using a Call Recording App?

In the fast-paced world, we are left with the choice of recording phone calls to ensure the safety of people around us. The advancement in technology has made it easy for predators to manipulate young kids. Similarly, adults also seem to fall prey to infidelity and get involved in cheating, it’s too easy with a cell phone in hand.

To save your family and to keep an eye on them, the ideal way is to record the phone calls through phone call recorders.

And the most time-tested and professional call recording app in the market is NexaSpy.

NexaSpy is the most convenient app for recording phone calls. It saves the conversations from live calls in cloud-based storage where they can be heard anytime you want. It provides the user with comprehensive details of dialed and received calls.

Here is how to use the NexaSpy call recorder.

How to Record Someone’s Calls Using NexaSpy Call Recorder?

NexaSpy gives its users a seamless experience. Following are a few simple steps to get started with recording phone calls with NexaSpy.

Step 1:

Get a NexaSpy License from the website

Step 2:

Install NexaSpy on the target device.

Step 3:

Log in to your NexaSpy account from any other device.

Step 4:

Open the dashboard and slide the menu bar.

Step 5:

Click the call tracker icon

Step 6:

Monitor call logs, and contact details, and access recorded audio call files.

Step 7:

Download and save these recordings as evidence.

NexaSpy is a reliable call tracker app to choose when it comes to spying and monitoring. This app allows you to listen to conversations giving you a complete idea if your doubts are valid or not. It helps parents monitor any suspicious mobile activity of their children, saving them from the potential dangers of the online world.

Why Is Getting The NexaSpy Call Recorder Necessary?

According to a study, most kids are reluctant to share bad experiences such as bullying with parents as they are embarrassed. Moreover, cyber predators trap young kids in a way that makes them feel isolated and lonely. They are threatened to an extent where they fear consequences if they share with their elders.

With the increase in phone usage, cyber crimes are elevating parents’ responsibilities to monitor their children closely.

An article published in Forbes stated that 57% of divorces took place because of infidelity. The most common factor that contributes to cheating and betrayal is access to the person through digital media. Through phone calls, messaging, and voice mailing, anyone can be your lover.

A phone call recorder has become a necessity when it comes to catching a cheating spouse red-handed.

A Quick Overview of NexaSpy Functionality

NexaSpy has been the talk of the town because of its remarkable features. Let’s discuss a few of them.

100% Secure:

It is a trustable app. Data that is collected is encrypted and only registered users can have access to that data. Moreover, the data is safe with NexaSpy.

Instant Installation:

Time-consuming installation can be frustrating for its users. NexaSpy has a simple installation process. The application is user-friendly and has an installation guide to help its customers.

Live Chat Support:

The chat support is live throughout and helps you with the installation. They are completely aware and answer all your concerns and queries.

App Guide:

While downloading NexaSpy the troubleshooting guide provides all the necessary information to assist its users.

User Friendliness:

NexaSpy is the most easy-to-use call recording app. It is the most advanced secret call recorder and tracker with the latest technology. The features are easy to use and spy remotely on phones and tablets

Complete Call Recording Software:

NexaSpy is the most reliable app to record calls. It aids in recording all calls, fetching contact details, and recording call log data in real time.

Stealth Mode:

The Advanced features of NexaSpy offer invisibility on Android phone. The user stays hidden and undetected while monitoring your target device.

The Newest version of Android OS could have been better for its users as it required a lot of effort to hide the installation icon on a non-rooted smartphone. NexaSpy worked on this and came out with the best solution. Consequently, the user can easily spy on the latest Android mobile phones remotely.


The secret call recording app is the need of the hour. If you have young kids with gadgets in their hands, at the drop of the hat get yourself NexaSpy and save them. They are vulnerable to the dangers and should be monitored in every possible way. Kids are the easiest target and they are very easy to manipulate so it’s essential to get your hands on the most time-tested app to record their calls.

Similarly, employees and spouses can be easily monitored through this app. NexaSpy has made monitoring easy.

Rarely in call recorder apps, you can find the duration and exact time of the calls. But with NexaSpy you can easily get insider information on dialed, received, and missed calls with details such as duration, date, and time. So, don’t waste your time anymore, and get NexaSpy today and find the utmost truth.


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