Spyier Review: The Complete Guide to Monitoring Your Loved Ones or Employees

Spyier Review: The Complete Guide to Monitoring Your Loved Ones or Employees

Spy apps are super handy programs. You can use them to keep an eye on your loved ones or workers through their smart devices, for whatever reason.

These apps are made to be sneaky, so the person you’re watching won’t know you’re doing it. But not all spy apps are good. Some don’t have all the important stuff, while others aren’t hidden very well. Some are even viruses or bad software pretending to be spy apps.

So, if you’re looking for spyware, you have to pick carefully. Spyier is a well-known, liked phone spy app. You’re likely to come across it when you’re looking for a good spy app.

In this review, we’ll check out this app to spy on Android phone and iPhone and answer the big question: Is it worth it?

What is Spyier?

Spyier is a really popular app for keeping an eye on phones, whether they’re iPhones or Androids. Big mutil-platform media websites mentioned below talk about it a lot:

  • New York Times
  • Mashable
  • BuzzFeed
  • LifeWire.

Lots of people from all over the world, like parents, bosses, and people in relationships, use Spyier to check up on what’s happening on someone’s phone.

So, how does Spyier work? For Android phones, it’s a small app, only 2MB. You download it and put it on the phone you want to watch.

The app hides in the background, silently recording everything that happens on the phone. Then, it sends all that information to your dashboard through the internet. You can see what’s been recorded by logging into any web browser.

The cool thing about Spyier is that you don’t need to mess with the phone by “rooting” it. That means it’s not complicated to install and use. Most of Spyier’s features work without rooting.

Plus, you can make Spyier invisible after you install it. That means the person using the phone won’t even know it’s there. Spyier runs quietly in the background without using up much battery or slowing down the phone. It’s pretty much undetectable.

Spyier also updates itself automatically, so once you’ve set it up, you don’t need to mess with the target phone again. And if you ever need to, you can remove Spyier from the phone remotely with just one click. Easy peasy!

Spyier Features

Spyier comes with lots of cool features that help you keep tabs on someone’s phone. You can enjoy these features:

1. Track Calls

With Spyier app for recording phone calls, you can see who they’ve been talking to and who’s been calling them. It shows you how often they talk to certain people too.

2. Read Texts

Spyier lets you read all their messages, whether they’re texts or SMS. You’ll see who’s messaging them and what they’re saying, including any pictures or videos sent.

3. Monitor Location

Wondering where they are? Spyier shows you their current and past locations on a map. You can even check out a 3D street view to see exactly where they’ve been.

4. Set Geo-fencing

If you’re worried about them going somewhere they shouldn’t, Spyier can send you alerts. You can set up specific locations to monitor, and if they go in or out of those places, you’ll know.

5. Check Social Media

Spyier covers all the popular social media apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Viber. You can see all their chats on these platforms.

6. View Website History

Spyier keeps track of the websites they visit. You’ll get a detailed history of the sites they’ve been browsing, along with short descriptions for each site.

7. Monitor SIM Card

Spyier also gives you details about the SIM card, like the carrier and IMEI number. If they switch SIM cards, you’ll get a notification right away, which helps keep their device safe.

With Spyier’s easy-to-use features, you can stay informed about everything happening on your phone, step by step.

Can Spyier Monitor Snapchat?

Yes, Spyier can keep an eye on Snapchat. Trusted websites like TheVerge, Digital Trends, Mashable, and Tech Advisor all say Spyier is a top-notch app.

But here’s the cool part: Spyier isn’t just about Snapchat spying. You can use it to watch over lots of social media platforms, read texts, and even know where someone is with GPS.

The best thing is, Spyier is powerful yet easy. It has lots of features, but it’s simple to use.

Does Spyier Monitor Text Messages?

Yes, Spyier can read texts. It’s super handy for parents, bosses, or anyone in a tricky relationship. Reading texts can give you important info, and Spyier makes it easy.

How Does Spyier Cost?

Now let’s talk about the price. How much do you have to pay for Spyier? Well, it’s pretty cheap. For a small monthly fee, you get access to more than twelve cool features. It’s just about the cost of a quick meal right now.

Plus, if you buy subscriptions for a group, Spyier gives you a discount. Compared to other similar apps, Spyier is one of the cheapest options out there. Some other spy apps with the same cool stuff cost double or even triple what Spyier does.

Spyier vs NexaSpy

Comparing Spyier to NexaSpy is like comparing a silent watcher to a talkative friend. NexaSpy is easy to use, like having a helpful buddy. It’s simple to track activities, locations, and chats with NexaSpy. If you want something reliable and straightforward, NexaSpy is the way to go.


Best spy apps for Android like Spyier offer a discreet and effective way to monitor someone’s phone for various purposes. With features including call tracking, text message monitoring, location tracking, and social media monitoring, Spyier provides comprehensive oversight while remaining user-friendly and affordable. Its discreet operation, automatic updates, and remote removal make it a reliable choice among similar apps in the market. If you need a reliable and straightforward monitoring solution, Spyier is worth considering.



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