TeenSafe Review: Hidden Secrets of TeenSafe App

TeenSafe Review: Hidden Secrets of TeenSafe App

Building trust takes a long time but breaking it can happen quickly. Trust is super important in the relationship between parents and kids. Parents want their kids to have privacy but in today’s world of technology, parents also need to know what their kids are doing.

They want to make sure their kids are safe and not doing anything wrong like looking at bad stuff online or hanging out in risky places. They worry about lying, drugs, and more. Luckily, there are apps like TeenSafe that can help parents keep tabs on their kids’ digital lives if they’re worried.

What is TeenSafe?

TeenSafe is a top-notch tool for keeping an eye on family members and partners. With this tracking app, users can track the real-time location of the person they’re interested in. Not only that, but users can also see what apps are being used, read messages, and view call records on the target device.

For worried parents, TeenSafe helps track children’s activities on their phones, including their friends and social media interactions. Similarly, if a businessperson is concerned about their employees’ productivity, they can use TeenSafe to see if they’re working or wasting time.

If you have elderly parents who live far away, TeenSafe’s real-time location feature is incredibly useful for keeping tabs on them remotely. Additionally, it can help confirm suspicions about a partner’s fidelity by providing features like Wi-Fi, SIM card, and GPS tracking.

How TeenSafe Works

The TeenSafe app lets you access your teen’s phone and fetches the information to your private login page using the cloud. The website secures the data with 256-bit SSL encryption, so only you can see it.

To get started, download the app and register with TeenSafe. Then, create a page for each teen and choose which devices/accounts you want to monitor.

For iPhones, you don’t need their phone or to jailbreak it, but you will need their Apple ID and password. Setting up an Android device is a bit different but still easy; you just enter some basic info and accept the app on the phone.

Once set up, you can log in to TeenSafe from your phone, tablet, or desktop to view the data.

TeenSafe App Main Features

Let’s take a look at some key features of TeenSafe:

1. Check Text Messages

TeenSafe is designed for parents who want to easily track their children’s activities. It allows you to monitor your child’s:

  • Phone call log
  • Text messages
  • Location

Even if your child deletes suspicious text messages, TeenSafe helps you access them. You can see the content of each SMS message, along with the contact numbers and timestamps of when they were sent and received.

2. Monitor Phone Call Logs

TeenSafe Android call recording app lets you check incoming and outgoing calls without needing to physically access your child’s phone. Even numbers not saved in the phone’s contacts will be visible, allowing you to identify who your child is communicating with. The reports include:

  • Timestamps
  • Call duration
  • The numbers dialed or received

3. Location Tracking

It would be convenient to know your child’s location all the time, but constantly calling them can be bothersome. Tracking apps like TeenSafe offer phone location tracking features. However, in testing, TeenSafe’s location tracking on a Samsung Android phone wasn’t reliable.

It sometimes failed to track or didn’t provide accurate results for extended periods. For iPhone tracking, the No Jailbreak version of TeenSafe relies on iCloud backups, which means it’s not real-time.

Other programs like NexaSpy and FlexiSpy app offer better tracking and additional features, such as geo-fencing alerts with NexaSpy, which notifies you if your child’s phone leaves a designated area. TeenSafe could improve its phone tracking and consider adding features available in competing software programs.

4. Track Web Browsing History

TeenSafe allows parents to keep an eye on the websites their children visit and their saved bookmarks. Notifications are sent to the dashboard if any adult content is detected, enabling immediate action. Parents can also track login times and duration spend on each website, promoting healthy online habits.

5. Screen Time Management

With concerns over excessive screen time, TeenSafe provides valuable insights into web browsing history, helping parents monitor and limit their child’s digital activity.

6. Social Messaging App Monitoring

While TeenSafe offers access to WhatsApp and Kik, it lacks support for popular platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Parents can monitor text messages exchanged on these platforms to ensure their child’s safety, especially in the case of Kik, where anonymity poses a risk.

7. Photo and Video Monitoring

TeenSafe allows parents to view all photos and videos stored on their child’s phone, providing insight into their digital content. However, it does not offer advanced features like accessing the phone’s camera remotely.

Does TeenSafe Monitor Snapchat

Yes, TeenSafe allows parents to remotely monitor anyone’s Snapchat account worldwide. Installation on the target Android or iOS device is straightforward. Once installed, parents can access Snapchat monitoring through the “Social Apps” section on the dashboard. It includes spying on deleted and private messages, as well as media files exchanged.

Does TeenSafe Monitor Text Messages?

With TeenSafe, parents can discreetly monitor Android phone text messages without the risk of being detected. The app is designed to remain completely hidden, whether tracking messages on an Android or iOS device. Setup is quick, taking only about five minutes. Once set up, parents can instantly view private chats without delays or loading screens.

How Does TeenSafe Cost?

Before committing to a TeenSafe subscription, users have the option to activate a 7-day trial and explore the app for free. Once the trial period ends, the subscription fee is $14.95 per month. Users can cancel their subscription at any time. However, the pricing policy lacks flexibility due to the limited features offered, and personalized subscriptions are not available.

TeenSafe vs NexaSpy

Considering TeenSafe’s discontinued website and subscription services, users may seek alternative monitoring software like NexaSpy for parental control. NexaSpy offers a comprehensive set of monitoring features for both iOS and Android devices, providing parents with peace of mind regarding their child’s online activities.

Here are some features of NexaSpy:

  • Track visited websites, social media activity, bookmarks, and browsing history.
  • Manage messaging apps such as Tinder, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Kik, Facebook, Line, and Viber.
  • Utilize the Keylogger feature to match passwords.
  • Set up restricted words and monitor their usage on the child’s device.
  • Track GPS location and set up geofences.
  • View call logs, text messages, and multimedia files sent and received.

Ultimately, the choice of a parental control app depends on individual needs. If unsure about installing NexaSpy, users can contact the support center for assistance in selecting the most suitable package.


We highlight the importance of parental control apps in monitoring children’s online activities for safety and peace of mind. TeenSafe offers a trial period and a subscription model at $14.95 per month, albeit with limited features and inflexible pricing.

Considering TeenSafe’s discontinued services, NexaSpy Android spy emerges as a viable alternative, providing a comprehensive array of monitoring features for both iOS and Android devices. With features like website tracking, messaging app management, GPS location tracking, and more, NexaSpy offers parents a robust solution to monitor and manage their child’s digital interactions.


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