What is a Cell Phone Tracker? A Detailed Guide

What is a Cell Phone Tracker? A Detailed Guide

A cell phone tracker is the ultimate tool to track someone’s life. Yes, from mobile devices to real-time location, phone tracker apps have made it easy to keep an eye on people you love and care for.

But why do you need a mobile tracker?

Perhaps your young adult is hanging out with a bad group of friends.

Perhaps your teens have an addiction to their screens, and you’d like to find out what they’re doing. Sometimes, your employee uses social media during the day, using the phone you gave them at work.

With all the tracking apps for cell phones claiming the best, deciding which is reliable takes time and effort.

Here, we’ll have an in-depth look at the functionality of mobile tracking apps. So, let’s get started.

What is a Phone Tracker App?

A mobile tracker app combines several monitoring options to let you monitor your target users’ online and physical activities. In simpler words, a phone tracker is an application that provides everything you require to verify your suspicions and get all the information from someone’s phone.

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When installed on any mobile device, tracking apps for mobile phones record all cell phone actions and send the data to an online Control Panel. Most cell trackers are stealth applications. Because the software is well-coded, a targeted user will find it hard to find.

How Does a Mobile Tracker Work?

There are free phone tracker apps as well as paid software. Free options include Google Find My Device and the Family Link app. However, these apps only offer limited functionality.

Then comes the phone trackers that require a subscription, and we call them third-party phone tracking apps. These are the software which are hidden phone monitoring tools that function at the device’s backend, recording all its details while running in the background.

Phone trackers do not limit you to tracking specific cell phone activity but allow you to track the target device’s calls, messages, location, surroundings, and even social media.

What Can You Track with a Cell Phone Tracker?

Playgrounds are for kids, but no parent should leave their children unsupervised while playing. Each year, kids go missing, and no parent deserves such bad news. Being alert is necessary to safeguard children, and cell phone trackers play a pivotal role in ensuring your child’s safety.

Here is what you can track with mobile trackers.

Phone Activity

Cell tracking apps enable you to see all the activities the target person does on their phone. This includes calling, texting, reading emails, viewing videos and photos on the phone.

In addition, you can monitor chat messaging, spy social media activity on Instagram, and many more. You can view every thread of conversations that the targeted person has with any of the contacts.

Physical Activity

In addition to listening to the entire conversation, you can use the tracker app to record the surroundings of your target person. If you suspect your child skips school or goes to places they shouldn’t, you must install a phone tracker on their cellular devices.

Apps to track phones are designed to capture the surroundings of the device. The trick is simple: the end-user (you) can remotely turn the target device’s camera and microphone on and off, and the app starts recording the surroundings. Despite surroundings, phone trackers can track the target device’s live location and whereabouts history.

Online Activity

Internet users spend over six hours online. It means people spend a significant amount of time browsing apps and websites daily. Using a phone tracker, you can see how often someone was on those websites and when.

Moreover, you can see which apps the target user has installed without actually holding the phone with the cell phone tracking software. Furthermore, phone trackers can also track social media activities, so you can monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat of anyone you want.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Cell Phone Tracking App?

Phone trackers are designed to relieve your worries regarding your loved ones’ safety. Or, such apps predominantly safeguard businesses from data leaks and other potential threats related to fraudster employees.

Out of the many prominent advantages of phone tracker apps, here are some that everyone should know.

  1. You can track kids’ whereabouts, ensuring their safety even in their absence.
  2. Mobile trackers, when installed on grandparents’ phones, make sure they are okay.
  3. Spouses can keep track of their partners’ online and offline activities.
  4. In case of theft, you can track the target’s phone.

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NexaSpy is the talk of the town because of its incredible features for tracking mobile phones. To track cell phones with the NexaSpy app, you only need its subscription and a 5-minute physical access to the target phone.

Once installed on the target phone, it will track the activities and send the information directly to the dashboard. You can log in to the NexaSpy account anytime to see the monitored data.

The best thing about NexaSpy cell phone tracker is that;

  • It works in stealth mode.
  • It offers more features than any other phone tracking app does.
  • It gives complete remote access to the target phone.


It’s just a glimpse of what a phone tracker can do for you. The user can remotely track all activities and live without any stress. The cell phone tracker has enormous tracking features that make it a wise decision. Utilizing a tracking application can help you relax. Furthermore, it helps keep your loved ones safe and increases the efficiency of your workplace by keeping track of employees.


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