ANDROID Vs iOS – Which is More Safe?

ANDROID Vs iOS – Which is More Safe?

The question related to security between Android and iOS is common. Mobile security is the priority for users. As people use smartphones more for banking, socializing, and shopping, cybercriminals target iPhones, iPads, and Android devices more often with viruses and malware. The operating systems running these devices, iOS and Android, are now prime targets for cyber thieves wanting to steal personal information. Deciding which system is safer, Android or iOS, isn’t straightforward.

Android OS vs iOS Which One is More Protected

Both have their strengths and weaknesses in security. iOS is known for its strict and complex app review process and closed ecosystem, which can make it harder for malware to get in. On the other hand, Android offers more flexibility and customization but can be more vulnerable to malware if users download apps from untrusted sources. So, when it comes to security, it’s essential to consider your priorities and use best practices like keeping your software updated and only downloading apps from reputable sources.

Is iOS Safe?

iOS is an operating system created by Apple company. It is termed as iOS, mOS, iPadOS and tvOS. iOS devices follow strict rules and regulations to ensure customer security. There are very few chances of insecurities in Apple devices. These devices are renowned for their extraordinary performance and great security. iOS users have very limited customization options due to its closed environment.

Pros of iOS Security

Some benefits of iOS walled garden or closed environment include;

  • iOS devices provide a safe environment for users to perform their activities without any malware and fear of being hacked.
  • Data sharing between devices is highly secure. It has limited data-sharing options.
  • The user’s data is encrypted through face and touch IDs.
  • Apple’s browser Safari adds more security to iOS by preventing users’ access to insecure websites.

Loopholes of iOS Security

Some pitfalls of iOS devices are;

  • Data transfer between devices is restricted due to centralized control
  • Security breaches in Apple can suffer all iOS devices, as all the devices are controlled by a single company, unlike Android.
  • Jailbreaking makes iPhones less secure and increases the chances of hacking and virus installments.
  • Users are highly dependent on Apple’s security policies.

What Makes iOS Safe?

Multiple features make iOS devices more secure and trustworthy. Some of them are discussed here;

Closed Code System:

In contrast to the Android code system, iOS maintains system codes internally. This feature of Apple devices prevents third parties from interrupting the user’s activities. No third party can get access to modify and change the code. So, it becomes difficult for hackers to find a spot and get an advantage from it.

Apple App Store:

Apple’s App Store adds more security to the devices. App Store checks its applications through layers, a complex process and does not allow unverified and unsecured apps to enter the marketplace.


Apple’s app Sandbox has the solution to data released through various apps. It prevents apps from leaking confidential data. Moreover, it allows users to know what kind of data is collected by any app. So, it has become more difficult to snoop into user’s data with any application.

Is Android Safe?

Android security is fine when compared with iOS devices. They are more targeted by cybercriminals. They approach user’s data through malware, viruses, and firewall brokers, incorporated in apps and websites.

Pros of Android Security

Android has more security protection options than iOS devices. Here are some pros of Android security;

  • Due to the number of Android devices various security features are introduced.
  • Android users can use quality antivirus apps that secure their devices.
  • Google Play store alerts users by scanning harmful applications.
  • Security changes can be decreased in Androids if used with a cure.
  • Android’s security is under the control of the user.

Loopholes of Android Security

Android faces greater security threats as compared to iOS devices, due to several functions.

  • Androids’ open code system allows hackers to reach out to user’s data.
  • Due to the huge number of applications in the Google Play Store, a cybercriminal can easily target you through harmful apps.
  • Android allows users to reach any harmful website.

What Makes Android Unsafe?

Some features of Android devices may cause security threats. Some features that make Android unsafe and easy for cybercriminals to hack the device.

Open Code System:

An open code environment allows third-party access to user’s media. The third party may be developers who can change and modify the code. This space enables hackers to get involved in your activities.

Install Unknown Apps:

Android devices give access to download any app from Google and other platforms other than Play Store. Some apps in the Play Store are also unverified and users can undergo sneak attacks. Where a cybercriminal can secretly enter into your privacy through the applications.

Google Play Store:

The official marketplace of Androids is the Google Play Store. Play Store offers a wide range of apps in the marketplace which include harmful applications as well. This crowd allows the hackers to add malicious apps without being noticed.

Privacy Updates:

Android cannot restrict and stop third-party apps from sharing your data. It includes your current location, visited websites, and contact details. Some advanced versions of Android 9 and above , have restrictions over such apps collecting your data in the background.


In simple terms, comparing the security of Android and iOS is complicated. Android’s openness lets developers create new things, but it also means there are more chances for the system to break apart and for bad software to sneak in. On the flip side, iOS is more closed off, making it harder for bad stuff to get in, but it also means you can’t customize things as much. Ultimately, which one you pick depends on what you like, but no matter what, it’s important to be careful and do things to keep your phone safe from hackers and viruses.

Cybercriminals can approach users’ data and use it for different purposes. They can reach out to device media through unverified applications. Users may intentionally or unintentionally give them access to their data by agreeing to the terms and conditions. They also attack users through websites they often visit. Android users are more majorly targeted than iOS users.


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