How to Track Phones with IMEI Number?

How to Track Phones with IMEI Number?

Mobile phones are essential for our daily lives regardless of age or profession. People use it for work, entertainment, and to connect with their loved ones. Cell phones contain confidential information of individuals that shouldn’t get into the wrong hands, such as credit card details, multimedia, etc.

Counting all the crucial roles of a cell phone, you won’t just lose the money but also essential assets or information. It has valuable memories in the form of images, videos, or important work files that you can’t get back.

That is why mobile phone providers generate IMEI numbers to keep track of people we love. People can use phone numbers to track phones that are lost.

Let’s get into the details.

What is the IMEI Number?

It is a set of codes that is specific to each mobile phone. You can use this 15-digit code or number to track IMEI location history remotely. It is evident that utilizing IMEI numbers has reduced the theft rate across the globe.

You can use multiple ways to find the International Mobile Equipment Identity number on your cell phone. You can also request the mobile service provider to lock the device remotely so the thief can’t sell or use it.

How Does It Work?

It’s interesting how a number can offer such ease to the user. When you give your mobile IMEI to the service provider, you will have two options. You can either block the device remotely or track its location. The service provider will enter the restriction in the database so the thief can’t utilize the mobile device.

Benefits of Tracking IMEI Number

You’ll find unlimited benefits of using an IMEI number for tracking your phones. You can use this tracking method on all sorts of devices. That means regardless of the phone hardware or internet connectivity, the IMEI number will help you find the lost phone’s location.

Mainly you don’t have to install a third-party application to track IMEI numbers. In addition, you can block your device that will certainly prevent the sensitive data stored in the device, and the list of benefits goes on.

How to Find an IMEI Number?

iPhone IMEI:

You can find your iPhone IMEI number using the application “settings”. You can open the settings and enter the General settings. Go to the About option and scroll down to see the number. You can note down the IMEI number or copy it.

Android IMEI:

Method 1

In case you require finding your Android phone, first you’ll need to know the IMEI number. You can search for the settings in your phone and then open it for further procedures. You can click on the phone’s About and go down to the end to find the IMEI number.

Method 2

You can also check the back of your mobile device to find out the IMEI number. If you can’t find the number there, switch off your cell phone and separate the battery. You’ll find a sticker that contains the printed IMEI number on it.

How to Track Lost Phones Through IMEI Number?

If you know what your IMEI number is, you need to track it online or through another process. This number will help you find your lost phone or identify the location of the thief who took it. You can use these procedures to see that.

Contact Police

If you ever lose your phone or know that someone has stolen it from you, you should file an official complaint to the police instantly. That’s because you have personal data and might have sensitive files that can cause you problems.

Your local police stations have ways that can help you locate your phone through the IMEI number. If they find your phone, police will fine or arrest the thief. You’ll get back your property and help the authorities to reduce crime in the future.

Contact Phone Provider

If you want to follow a sure way to identify your lost phone, then contacting your phone provider is ideal. The manufacturers maintain and operate a database securely where all your data is stored.

They’ll ask for your IMEI number and will provide the information shortly. You can call or send a message or email to the provider, and they’ll find your device free of cost. Depending on how good the customer service is, it’ll take some time, and you’ll get your information.

Use an IMEI Tracker App

If you’re more comfortable with a hassle-free way, then using a reliable IMEI tracker app is a better option. You’ll get remote access to the device where the tracker is installed. The user can get the cell phone’s live location through a control panel.

The reliable mobile tracker, like NexaSpy, will give your trouble-free access to the mobile phone and provide more tracking features. The GPS location will provide you with the exact area where the phone is, and the geofence alert will prevent phones from getting stolen in the first place.

Have you ever got a question like how to track IMEI numbers online? Well, these trackers can help you track the phone online. However, you can purchase these trackers if you want to use them, but it’s worth the investment. You can also install the IMEI tracker app on your kids’ phones or spouse’s phones to prevent any loss.

There are some restrictions to using these trackers, such as your phone having internet or being turned on to locate it.


You’ll discover countless ways to track your lost phone regardless of dead phone or switched off mobile devices. You should know some things to prevent severe loss, such as using an IMEI number to block your phone remotely.

It will assist the protection of your data and reduce your stress. It’s true that not most people know how to do that, and that’s why we’re here to tell you the best methods. You can review these procedures and decide what suits you best.


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