How to Track Mobile Usage of Your Children?

How to Track Mobile Usage of Your Children

The online world can indeed become barbaric if not used properly. Some safety and precautionary steps need to be taken seriously by parents. Plenty of apps are available online that parents can use to track their child’s digital well-being.

Young kids are at a developing age. They are still learning, and social media can interfere with the process horribly. Children may find the internet an intriguing place. They feel more comfortable and excited to stay in the digital world than interacting with humans in the real world. Social media has become their reality. We must understand that kids must be aware of social media’s pitfalls.

Here, you will find some tips for a healthier way of using social media for your children.

What are Important Facts About Commonly Used Social Media Platforms?

You can never be too careful when it comes to digital screening. Over 1.4 billion digital accounts are hacked monthly on or through social media platforms. Digital hacking is a real threat; you can only save your kids while being alert.

Tracking cell phones is essential, especially to monitor social media activities. Why? Because social media is the hub of unleashed online threats, and parents must be aware of it.

Here are some facts about social media for parents.


  • The age Requirement is a minimum of 13 years.
  • Privacy settings can set public or private accounts.
  • Inappropriate content sharing among friend circles and using location tags that publicly broadcast the location.


  • The age Requirement is a Minimum of 13 years.
  • It is the most popular social media platform for sharing pictures, videos, likes, and comments. The instant messaging feature has the added benefit of personal one-to-one chats.
  • Sharing too much personal information online due to temptations can be a risk factor.


  • The age Requirement is a minimum of 13 years.
  • It deletes the content after the preset time ends.
  • It tricks people into thinking that the uploaded content is permanently erased. However, stalkers, harassers, or child abusers may still take screenshots of what your child posts, even for a few minutes.


  • The age Requirement is a minimum of 16 years.
  • WhatsApp is the most common free instant messaging service. It shares texts, multimedia files, documents, locations, recorded voice notes, and contact lists.
  • People not on the contact list can approach your child in a group chat.


  • The age Requirement is a minimum of 13 years.
  • Twitter is a microblogging app where people unite to share brief thoughts and statements on specific topics. It is mainly used for severe issues, but some entertaining channels are also there.
  • Twitter has an option to delete a tweet. However, one wrong tweet can turn into a disaster for your child. They may be bombarded with damaging words and harassing comments, which can cause depression in your child.

How to Track Mobile Usage of Kids?

Tracking the phones of your children is a practical approach to managing teens’ screen addiction and making sure your kids are safe and secure online.

Here is how you can track your kids’ cell phones without any hassle.

GPS Tracker

If you want to track Android phone’s location, you can use a GPS tracker to monitor your kids. Following a phone’s location is only possible via a GPS tracker device or a phone GPS tracker app.

Screen Recorder

Kids’ secrets lie in their digital accounts. And phone tracking enables parents to keep an eye on their children without even touching their devices. A screen recorder app like NexaSpy records each scroll and tap they did on their device.

Mobile Tracker

Mobile tracking gives parents access to view their kids’ secret online life. NexaSpy is an all-in-one phone tracker app that tracks GPS to location, text messages, calls, and social media in real time. real-time

Tips to Track Kids’ Digital Accounts

Parents look after the wellbeing of their children in the real world proactively. If your child asks for a social media account, it is time to embrace online safety protocols.

Here is how you can track your child’s digital accounts.

  1. Enforce and ensure the age condition of the app.
  2. Keep yourself updated about the privacy settings of the apps your child uses. Website owners frequently update their settings, and you should be the first to know them.
  3. Learn about the social media language and acronyms. Kids use shorter forms of each word for a quick catch-up. Parents should know every abbreviation, as child predators often use it.
  4. If a child owns a device, the settings should be such that it won’t install any application without your permission.
  5. Consider installing a monitoring tool on your child’s device. You can find social media monitoring apps for Android easily online. Use maximum safety features for any “accidental” exposure to age-inappropriate content.

Is Communication The Key For Social Media Protection?

Yes, it is. Just start a good conversation with your children. Crack a discussion with your child about avoiding strangers and general safety. You can also equip your kid to acknowledge the red flags and encourage them to talk to you for guidance in any questionable situation.

Try your best to alert your kids about online dangers, including cyberbullying and so on. If they do not comprehend your instructions and overuse social media, you can use a cell phone tracker app to monitor their digital activities.


Parents are continuously on their toes to monitor the well-being of their precious children. Phone tracking app for Android NexaSpy can aid in in-depth surveillance of your child. In addition to that, as a parent, you need to have a fruitful dialogue with your child. Educating kids properly is as important as wearing masks in polluted air.



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