Hoverwatch Reviewed 2024: The Good, the Bad, and the Surprising

Hoverwatch Reviewed 2024: The Good, the Bad, and the Surprising

Ever felt like you’re in the dark about what your kids are doing on their phones? You should use phone control parenting apps. These handy spy apps give you a peek into your child’s digital world, helping you guide and protect them online.

From monitoring activity to setting screen time limits, they’re like your digital parenting assistant. Stay in the know and keep your kids safe with these lifesavers.

In this review guide, we’ll discuss one of the top parental control spy apps. With the age of widespread internet usage upon us, monitoring apps have become indispensable for monitoring your kids’ online presence.

But, working parents simply don’t have the time or resources to constantly monitor their kids’ online activities. Hoverwatch solves that problem with its Android, Mac, and Windows tracking software.

What is Hoverwatch Spy App

Hoverwatch is a parental control app that will give you complete peace of mind with invisible:

  • Call recording
  • Social media tracking
  • Contact reporting

Overall, you’ll know everything the target user is doing on their device, It is perfect for keeping an eye on your:

  • Kids
  • Employees
  • Your spouse

How Does Hoverwatch Spy App Work?

There is one interesting thing about the Hoverwatch. They say Hoverwatch is a free mobile tracker, but they also have a pricing tab in the top menu. You can also check the prices by scrolling the page. So, is it free or not?

To answer this question, we must first discuss how to install Hoverwatch. Once you create an account and choose the type of device you want to monitor, you’ll be prompted to purchase a subscription so you can download the app.

It’s not a free monitoring app as they claim on the homepage. So, don’t fall for it. And if you ask, does Hoverwatch work on iPhone? The answer is also unclear. Well, Hoverwatch should be the iPhone solution, but most reviews claim that it is not compatible with iOS devices.

Hoverwatch Spy App Features

Hoverwatch is packed with every monitoring tool you could want or need. Some of the key features are:

1. Monitoring Mode

One of the key features of a parental monitoring app is monitoring. Hoverwatch has a lot of confidence in its service’s monitoring capabilities, and rightfully so.

The app is virtually undetectable on every platform. The only way to access it on Android is with the PIN you get at the end of the initial app installation.

The Windows and Mac versions are in the same vein. Unless you want the app to be visible, it will be hidden in Task Manager, the list of installed applications, and the Start menu.

2. Call Recording

A clear feature of Hoverwatch compared to other parental monitoring apps in the market is the call recording feature. While most parental monitoring apps show when a calling is made, the Hoverwatch has very few products that let you record call audio.

You can also download the content of the phone calls at any time if you want. However, call recording is not on by default, so if you want to use this feature, you enable it from the dashboard settings.

Like other parental monitoring apps, HoverWatch is an app to record phone call, the date and time of the call, and call duration, as well as which contact or number is on the other end of the phone.

3. WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp is an example of a chatting app. Teenagers prefers WhatsApp over regular texts and calls. Thus, the ability to track WhatsApp messages with any spy app is quite important. With this feature, you can track all messages, calls, and files with timestamps, and contact information.

4. Facebook Messenger Tracking

Facebook is still one of the largest social media services in the world, and millions of young people use Facebook Messenger to communicate with each other every day.

In this regard, Facebook tracking on Hoverwatch is not behind the rest. This allows you to track every message sent and received on the app, along with their timestamp, of course, and contact information.

5. Instagram Tracking

The popularity of Instagram is astounding. Like Snapchat, it trades some of its privacy for a more customizable and feature-packed look.

For parents to keep track of Instagram dm, this app is incredibly important because it’s what most teens use to meet and communicate with potential relationship candidates.

6. Other Social Media Tracking

There are many different social media platforms available, and there are going to be more over time.

Thankfully, Hoverwatch supports multiple tracking of various social media apps, including certain apps. It includes:

  • WeChat
  • Kik
  • Viber
  • LINE

Even privacy-oriented apps like Signal and Telegram. Tracking for these applications works the same as with every major social media app.

7. Browser History Tracker

Every parental monitoring suite worth its salt lets you check what your kids are browsing, and Hoverwatch is no exception. As we’re in the midst of a new Internet era, keeping track of browser history is incredibly important.

When it comes to monitoring your employees or protecting your loved ones from objectionable content on the Internet, Hoverwatch lets you check all their browsing data.

Whether its violence, drugs, viruses, or even just innocent browsing instead of homework, you’ll be able to see it all with links, timestamps, and screenshots—no matter what the target device is using the form.

8. Track Phone Location

The Hoverwatch sports a great location-tracking feature that allows you to find out where your child is on-demand. The location tracking feature uses the Android GPS to ensure a high level of accuracy when reporting the target device.

On top of that, the Hoverwatch comes with a high level of customization. You can choose between cell phone tracking, GPS tracking, and internet tracking depending on how precise you want the tracking to be.

You can also choose when you want to update the location from 5 minutes to a whole day.

9. Keylogger

Hoverwatch on Windows and Mac does not include a mobile form of social media tracking. Instead, the keylogger feature essentially replaces all social media and messaging tracking features and combines them all into one.

A keylogger tracks every keystroke on the target device and also tracks which application or browser the words are typed in. In addition, it will also provide a timestamp for each keystroke.

It doesn’t end there either. The Hoverwatch also tracks the exact executable location if something is entered into an application, which is great if you’re worried they have an unauthorized app on their computer.

Does Hoverwatch Monitor Snapchat

Another popular chatting app among teenagers is Snapchat. Snapchat activity tracking is another point of contention. It determines the quality of a spy app.

It is because usually when someone sends a file, video or photo on Snapchat, the recipient can only see it for a certain amount of time. If the recipient tries to take a screenshot of the said photo or video, the sender will receive a notification about it.

All of this means that being able to track files sent via Snapchat is a premium feature that distinguishes good apps from great ones.

With Hoverwatch, files, photos and videos are stored on your dashboard, along with timestamps and contact information. In addition, you also have the option to download the files or images in question.

Does Hoverwatch Monitor Text Messages?

Of course, children are not the only way to communicate with each other in the modern age. Especially for teenagers, some other chatting or texting options are more convenient than a regular phone call.

With Hoverwatch’s SMS tracker feature, you will be able to track every SMS message sent or received by the target device and view the message content. The feature also tracks the timestamp of each message sent or received and the phone number of the conversation partner.

How does Hoverwatch Coast?

Hoverwatch has 3 different plans: Personal, Professional and Business. The only difference between these plans is that they offer more device connections, and the Personal plan does not come with the Mobile Viewer app. The starting price of per month is $29.95, so they’re pretty expensive.

Hoverwatch vs NexaSpy

In the first paragraph, the emphasis is on the ease of use and versatility of NexaSpy. It highlights the simplicity of the setup process, the availability of multiple plans tailored to different needs, and the convenience of accessing monitored activity through a control panel. The language used is persuasive, focusing on the benefits of NexaSpy without delving into technical details.

On the other hand, the second paragraph provides a detailed list of features offered by a specific cell phone tracker, focusing on the breadth of monitoring capabilities such as SMS, call history, social media activity, and internet usage. It also emphasizes the invisibility of the tracker, ensuring that it remains hidden from the user being monitored. The tone here is more technical, with a focus on functionality rather than user experience.


While Hoverwatch offers comprehensive monitoring tools like call recording and social media tracking, its pricing model lacks a money-back guarantee and may be costly for some. Compatibility issues with iOS devices further limit its utility. Nevertheless, for Android, Mac, and Windows users seeking versatile monitoring, Hoverwatch remains a viable option, aiding in safeguarding children or managing employees. Prospective users should carefully consider their needs and budget before committing.


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