Top 5 Parental Control Apps for Android 2024

Top 5 Parental Control Apps for Android 2024

A parental control app informs you what is happening on your children’s phones. We all spend most of our time on the internet or cell phones, which can be productive for children, but we must pay attention to the dark side of the internet, where our children can watch adult content or talk to strangers.

A study from PEW Research informs that 59% of children face some form of cyberbullying. Most children ages 11 to 16 are bullied more. 19.9% of children are bullied on social media apps, 11.0% through text messages, or 7.9% in online video games.

Luckily, the demand for parental monitoring applications increases with the rise in smart devices. The market size of parental control apps is predicted to increase by 9.4% by 2033.

5 Reliable Parental Control Apps to Buy in 2024

Regarding safety, we should take steps and use all tools to protect our children from internet dangers. You can safeguard your children by using parental control apps against all the online world threats. We can use Android parental controls on a kid’s phone as well.

Many parental control software are available online, but some only offer limited features. If you plan to monitor and control your kid’s Android phone, we enlisted the 5 parental control apps for 2024, which help you keep track of everything.


Starting with the most incredible and most potent kids’ monitoring app. If you want to detect all the information on children’s cell phones, NexaSpy is the perfect app. From social media messages to offline chat rooms, it gives you all the details of their location and gallery pictures; all are on your dashboard. A popular feature of NexaSpy is its 24/7 instant alert, which alerts you when blocked content arrives on the screen.


  • Budget Friendly
  • Live support
  • Premium features
  • No-Root
  • User-Friendly interface


  • Not Available on iOS
  • Doesn’t support Android 13
  • Keylogger

Pricing Plans:

NexaSpy has 3 price plans that offer three different packages:

Weekly Plan:

  • 7-days license = $9

Fortnightly Plan:

  • 15-days license = $15

Monthly Plan:

  • 1-month license = $25


It is most famous as a parental control app because it has real-time device control and monitoring features. You can track any target device’s location in a second. By using mSpy, you can monitor images and videos. You can also swipe the target device’s data remotely. A popular feature of mSpy is its most robust location tracking system.


  • Geofencing
  • Keylogger
  • Easy installation or use
  • Best location tracking


  • Jailbreak for premium features
  • Expensive

Pricing Plans:

Here are the mSpy pricing plans.

Basic Plan

  • 1-month license $29.99

Premium Plan

  • 1-month license $69.99


Like mSpy, this is also a reliable parental control app for Android. TheWiSpy gives you more features than mSpy without root or jailbreak; you can track location, access gallery, or monitor calls. The best part of TheWiSpy parental control app is its customized settings. You can sync data from a remote location in real time.


  • Many features work without root
  • Notification of sim change
  • Their spyware scanner
  • Not much expensive


  • Root to access many features
  • It consumes lots of battery
  • Share screenshots, not data

Pricing Plans:

Both the subscription packages of TheWiSpy have all the features, and their prices are as follows:

Basic Plan:

  • 1-month license: $15.99

Premium Plan:

  • 1-month license: $25.99

Platinum Plan:

  • 1-month license: $33.99


FlexiSpy is a powerful mobile spy app for Android with state-of-the-art parental control features. It helps you to secure your kids with high-end monitoring. The withdrawal point of this app is its price; it is more expensive than both NexaSpy and mSpy. The best feature of FlexiSpy is its spy Android phone camera feature. You can record videos or capture photos of the ambient voices around the target device.


  • Broad features for parental controls
  • You can command orders remotely
  • Spy many mobiles as one license
  • Installation is easy


  • It cannot work on the latest Android
  • No website or app block
  • Expensive then competitor

Pricing Plans:

It has three different pricing plans for its users:

Lite Plan

  • 1-month license $29.95

Premium Plan:

  • 1-month license $68

Extreme Plan:

  • 1-month license $199


If you are searching for an app that can work as a parental monitoring or control app, then Qustodio is the ideal app to spy on Android phone. It works on iOS and Android and has broad features. The best part of Qustodio is it does not use excessive battery, so the target device owner didn’t get any attention. Or an all-time keylogger, so every real-time typing happens, it records that for you.


  • Affordable
  • Bulk of features
  • Around the full-clock customer service
  • Excellent social media control


  • Different price makes it quite expensive
  • iCloud sync feature is in developing

Pricing Plans:

Basic Plan:

  • 1-year license $54.95

Complete Plan:

  • 1-year license $99.95

Final Words

So, which is the best parental control app in 2024?

To find the best parental control software, you must consider the price and features from the abovementioned list. NexaSpy is the best parental control app in 2024 because it is in stealth mode, and you do not have to root any device. All their features can work without rooting. Compared with other so-called best spy apps, NexaSpy comes at a reasonable price and has more essential elements.



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