Can You Monitor Someone’s Android Phone?

Can You Monitor Someone’s Android Phone?

Are they always online but won’t reply to your messages? Or whenever you are around, do they avoid using cell phones? There’s something fishy about their behavior, which you need to know. 

Snooping into someone’s mobile device is tricky unless you have the right software. As most people are Android users, plenty of software is available in the market that lets you monitor Android phones on the go.

But before we talk about the solution, we would like to address the instances that made people track Android devices of their peers and family.

So, let’s get into the depth of Android phone monitoring.

Can You Monitor Someone’s Android Phone?

The simple answer to this question is YES, you can monitor someone’s Android phone. The good news is that several methods exist, e.g., physically accessing the device or using an Android monitoring app. 

But how?

Android monitoring is a sensitive issue that needs expertise. We are not telling you to be a hacker because Android monitoring tools can help you with that.

So, who do you want to monitor? Your child, employee, or partner?

Several reasons can make you monitor someone’s Android phone. It can be for cyber protection, to catch deceiving employees, or to confront a cheating partner. In short, cell phones have become the primary reason for prevailing cyber threats.

Why Should You Monitor Someone’s Android Phone?

According to tech experts, cell phones should be used 2 hours daily. Excessive use of mobile devices invites unsolicited dangers in one’s life. Suppose your child joins an online chat group just for fun and ends up encountering a severe cyber threat such as online predation. In that case, it becomes complicated to control the situation.

Here is more;

It’s sad knowing that mobile devices have made our lives so complicated that we end up doubting our loved one’s intentions. But as it is said, prevention is better than cure.

Now that we have discussed the main point, let’s dive into the actual part of this article, “How You Can Monitor Someone’s Android Phone”.

Easy Steps to Monitor Someone’s Android Cell Phone

You can spy on Android phone in multiple ways, and in this section, we have mentioned effective methods that work 100%.

Method 1: Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager provides remote features to track Android devices remotely. If you specifically want to monitor the location of an Android device, then Android Device Manager is the best tool available for free. Moreover, Android Device Manager comes in handy with features like remote device lock, making the device ring, and erasing the device’s data. You only need the Google credentials of your target device, and you’re all set to go.

Here’s how to use the Android Device Manager;

  • Visit
  • Add the credentials to log in.
  • Monitor Android phone’s actions.

Method 2: Physical Snooping

If you can access the target Android phone you want to monitor, try to snoop into it secretly. You need to know their phone’s unlock password and some spare time. Let us warn you that opting for this method is risky, and you might face difficulties if caught. Perhaps your relationship with the target device owner gets disturbed as well.

That’s why we suggest you choose the method we’re about to discuss. And that is using a third-party Android monitoring app.

Method 3: Third-Party Android Monitoring App

People use cell phones in diverse ways; some only text and call, some for entertainment, and others for other purposes. Android monitoring apps are designed to catch each and every activity that is done on the target device. You can monitor taps, scrolls, keylogs, and all other details of a specific cell phone using Android tracking software. The best thing is that these mobile monitoring features come under a single app. We suggest you get NexaSpy for an excellent Android monitoring experience.

Here is how you can spy on Android devices with NexaSpy;

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your email ID and set a password.
  3. You’ll receive an APK file with an activation key via email. Install the APK file on your target device and activate the app with the key.
  4. Set up your target device’s information with the given prompts.
  5. Now, log in to your NexaSpy dashboard and monitor Android devices remotely.

Isn’t it simple and super easy to monitor phones and tablets using a third-party app?

To educate you more about the Android monitoring app NexaSpy, we have covered its features as follows;

What Can You Monitor With NexaSpy?

  • Record Calls: You can record all incoming and outgoing phone calls. NexaSpy secretly tapes phone calls and saves them on an online dashboard so you can listen to all the unheard conversations remotely.
  • Monitor Call History: All the details related to phone calls, including incoming and outgoing call logs, contact details, and call summaries, are recorded for seamless monitoring.
  • Block Contacts: Using NexaSpy, the end-user can block contacts. Just put any number whose connection with the target person bothers you and block it!
  • Track Social Media: From WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram to Viber, you can now track all the chats with contact details and timestamps.
  • Track GPS Location: You can track the whereabouts of your loved ones using an Android monitoring app. It helps people find their target user’s recent location and location tracking history in real-time.
  • Monitor Emails: Android monitoring software can monitor and extract all the sent and received emails.
  • Record App Activity: Since people spend too much time on cell phones, Android monitoring apps have developed a way to record app activity and usage. You can track the app list along with screen time.
  • Monitor Browsing History: Dive into their browsing history and track all the websites they visited when you were not around.
  • View Media Gallery: Every photo/video they take or download is uploaded on the dashboard of the monitoring app so you can monitor them.
  • 24/7 Instant Alerts: Using an Android monitoring tool, you can always stay updated on the phone activity of your target user; anything they do, you’ll get notified.

Note that monitoring someone’s Android phone is only legal when you do it for safety purposes. However, due to increasing cases of online infidelity, couples are curious about the digital actions of their partners. On the other hand, businesses find it difficult to trust their employees with corporate devices. In such a situation, Android monitoring apps are a savior in saving kids, relationships, and the integrity of businesses in one go. 


There is a thin line between trust and deception; when such a line is crossed, a Pandora’s box of doubts is unleashed. Before you sink into the darkness of doubts, you must investigate things yourself and know the truth. And in most cases, the truth lies within the cell phones of the people we doubt.

That’s where Android monitoring apps serve as a superhero. If you doubt someone, there is no better way than using a tracking app on their Android phone. We suggest NexaSpy, not because it’s our product but because it is tried and tested to cover maximum tracking features. And obviously, we can guarantee its functionality!

So, are you ready to unlock the secrets?


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  • […] People use cell phones in diverse ways; some only text and call, some for entertainment, and others for other purposes. Android monitoring apps are designed to catch each and every activity that is done on the target device. You can monitor taps, scrolls, keylogs, and all other details of a specific cell phone using Android apy app.  […]

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