A Guide to NexaSpy Parental Control Features for Android

A Guide to NexaSpy Parental Control Features for Android

There are billions of smartphone users around the globe. With rising online threats, phone users are huge, but the bigger problem is online safety. Parents are worried about their children spending time on their gadgets, and it’s a challenge for parents to monitor their kids.

Fortunately, NexaSpy parental control features can lend a helping hand. Here is a complete NexaSpy review to detail the app’s features and merits/demerits.

A Guide to NexaSpy Parental Control Features for Android

Statistica released an astonishing survey report recently predicting that there will be approximately more than 6.3 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2029.

In America, 310 million smartphone users spend 5 to 6 hours a day on their mobile phones. The increased user ratio increases the risks of online threats, as anyone can be a predator or cyber-criminal.

Don’t worry; with NexaSpy protection, you can save your kids. Here are the detailed features of the NexaSpy app.

NexaSpy Parental Control Features – An In-Depth Overview

The app NexaSpy offers many reliable parental monitoring and control features. Here, we have mentioned the features category-wise.

Monitoring Calls:

  • Call Recording:

Your loved one’s calls can be recorded and managed in the online control panel provided by NexaSpy.

  • Call Logging:

The recorded calls are traced with additional information, including the call’s date, time, and duration.

  • Monitor Address Book:

Parental controls for managing your child’s contact list are given in the NexaSpy app to monitor what sort of company your child is keeping.

The information for newly added contacts is auto-sync with your online account.

Detailed Text Message Monitoring:

  • SMS Tracking

Children can fool their parents by deleting the SMS they receive on their mobile phones. But every message is instantly uploaded on the online dashboard. It means that parents can read even the deleted SMS conversations.

  • Gmail Monitoring:

Every child’s email is sent directly to your dashboard to view later. This feature helps parents know if they are subscribing to unauthorized websites or apps. In addition, the email content with the date and timestamps are shown in the NexaSpy app.

Surround Recording:

  • Microphone Bug:

What if your child is keeping bad company and is influenced by wrongdoers? Parental control tools give a solution to it. You can hear everything surrounding your child by turning on the mobile microphone.

  • Spying Camera:

Sometimes, hearing what is happening around your child is not enough. Therefore, getting images of scenes around your child is an added benefit. NexaSpy app gives parental controls to parents to operate both cameras of the target mobile. Hence, you can capture pictures right away by sending remote commands.

Multimedia File Monitoring:

NexaSpy keeps track of all multimedia files your child sends or receives. It is not limited to social media multimedia; any image or video captured by the kid’s mobile is sent straight to your online control panel.

Location Tracking:

Teenagers may learn to inform their parents where they are headed to rush out of their homes. NexaSpy has got you covered. You can locate your tweens by utilizing the GPS location tracking feature. It provides a live location, the places they have recently visited, time and date. There is an option to locate your child in Wi-Fi-based areas as well.

Social Media / Instant Messaging Apps:

Besides social media platforms, IMs are other means of social interaction. Children communicate with each other primarily through popular internet-based messaging services. Parents can remotely view detailed conversations without interrupting their children. IMs featured by NexaSpy are;

Price Plans of NexaSpy Parental Controls:

There are three pricing plans a parent can choose from.

  • The weekly plan costs $9 for seven days.
  • The fortnightly plan costs $15 for 15 days (1 dollar per day).
  • The monthly plan costs $25 for 1-month.

Merits and Demerits of NexaSpy App:

Kids monitoring apps can be dodgy. Many apps don’t justify what they claim. So, let us review some of NexaSpy’s merits and demerits for better understanding.


  • NexaSpy provides 24×7 instant alert services to notify you of every update on the child’s mobile.
  • In addition to the features mentioned above, the NexaSpy app allows its users to monitor all apps installed on the target mobile. It gives them detailed insights into every app, like frequency of use, last time used, etc.
  • In terms of sound and images, ambience recording is one of the tools a parent can have at hand.
  • You can remotely take screenshots of the surroundings for later discussion.
  • It is noteworthy to mention the benefits of monitoring browsing history. NexaSpy is one of the monitoring apps for Android that comes forth with this fantastic feature.
  • The Wi-Fi logs are a solution to keep your children away from questionable public hotspots. Cybercriminals can track and hack the data from your child’s computer. And even send malware too. So keep records of your child’s Wi-Fi connections and educate them if required.
  • Unlike other monitoring apps, NexaSpy doesn’t require rooting to use advanced features.


  • NexaSpy’s tracking features are only available for Android OS.
  • Physical access is required to install the app on the target mobile.

NexaSpy is a competing and reliable kid-monitoring app. It has been serving parents worldwide and receiving good performance reviews. Parents can spy on Android phone and control their children’s Android gadgets with a single click on the online controller.


The easy installation process and the clean and clear online control panel interface have comforted parents. Out of so many best parental control apps for Android, NexaSpy stands out in terms of its performance, features, and ease of use. It is lighter on pockets than other monitoring apps and has many features. If you have decided to purchase the app, visit their website and buy the plan that suits you. Then, see the magic happen.



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