How Can You Track an Android Phone’s Location Remotely?

How Can You Track an Android Phone’s Location Remotely?

Imagine checking your pocket or bag, and you can’t find your phone. Can you feel the panic?

It’s a nightmare for everyone to lose their phone. In another scenario, we take cell phones everywhere we go. Mobile phones have built-in GPS, a potent device that can be used as a GPS location tracker. Interesting.

There are several reasons why you should track your Android phone’s location. It can be locating your loved ones with whom you are unable to contact or following your hunch to ensure your business or life partner is not cheating on you; the list goes on.

Despite this reason, we will be telling you all the details about tracking Android phones’ locations in this article.

So, let’s get this show on the road.

Android Phone & GPS Tracking

We are all familiar with sharing WhatsApp locations, posting check-ins on Facebook and even pinpoints on Instagram multimedia.

How does the phone know our location? It’s not magic but technology!

Every phone has GPS as one of its features, and the Global Positioning System allows us to locate the phone’s location using the satellite. How GPS works is fascinating; it is all about sending and receiving signals from satellite to phone.

Apart from sharing location, we use GPS for navigation. Google Maps is one of the examples here.

Now, can we track the location of Android phones? The simple answer is yes, we can.

How to Track Android Phone’s Location?

The simple answer to how to track Android phones is using software.

Android phones are smart digital devices, and to track these, you need a more intelligent tool because the software obviously needs to crack the OS in order to track location.

Several methods and options exist to track any Android mobile phone’s location. You can track your lost phones, use tracking features as a spy, or even use it for business purposes.

Here, we give you two Android location tracking options;

  • Free Method to Track Android Phone’s Location
  • Paid Method to Track Android Phone’s Location

Before you pick any of the options mentioned above, it is better to know that most of the free phone tracker apps do not work, and those that work either offer limited features or have security issues. So, we must be vigilant while buying an Android phone tracker.

Method 1: Free Method to Track Android Phone’s Location

GPS is a built-in feature of all phones. As Android phones are operated using Android OS, tracking their location using Android’s Find My Device feature is straightforward. Android is linked with Google, and Google Find My Device is a free program specifically designed to track the location of Android devices.

An Android device needs a Google account linked to operate. Thus, to track someone’s phone with Google Find My Device, you’ll require Google account credentials of the person whose phone you want to track. Once you have that, you can follow the following steps;

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your target user’s Google credentials.
  3. Track mobile phone details from the information provided at the left side of the window. You’ll see active devices here and track their location logs.

Note that using Google Find My Device is a good option. However, its functionality is limited, such as ensuring that you have your target’s Google account credentials and that the Find My Device feature is toggled on.

Don’t worry. We have another solution for you, and that is the other phone tracking method explained in the following section.

Method 2: Paid Method to Track Android Phone’s Location

With the advancement of technology, it is now easier to track anyone’s cell phone from anywhere. You must know about the GPS tracker device. Today, similar technology is being used in phone tracking software. All you need to do is install the cell phone tracker app on your target’s phone, and it will give you all the details in real time.

Third-party cell phone monitoring apps are paid software. But as compared to Google Find My Device, these apps are more powerful and offer more location monitoring features like GPS tracking and geo-fencing. Moreover, you can monitor other phone activities as well.

One of the best cell phone tracker apps is NexaSpy. It is simple to use, easy to install, and reliable in functionality.

Here is how you can track phone location with NexaSpy;

  1. Go to NexaSpy website
  2. Click on the Sign-Up button
  3. Enter your details and register
  4. Install NexaSpy on the target phone
  5. Open the dashboard and click on GPS Location to get details on your target’s whereabouts.

Some Features of NexaSpy Android Phone Tracker

NexaSpy comes with additional features such as call and text message monitoring, social media and app tracking, and multimedia monitoring. It is one app that covers all your spying and monitoring needs.

Regarding price, NexaSpy delivers more tools at the right price compared to other apps in the market. The best part is that, unlike physical GPS trackers, NexaSpy is traceless. It gives NexaSpy immunity over two things: the target can’t actually find NexaSpy because it works in the background, and secondly, the NexaSpy app offers an all-in-one solution that tracks the location and all digital and physical activities.

The decision is always yours on how you want to spy on Android phones.


Tracking an Android phone’s location is easy with the right tool. Most people are curious about the whereabouts of their loved ones and family. It is frustrating to entrust an app and find no results in it. That’s why we suggest using NexaSpy as your go-to phone tracking software.

Whether you want to track your lost phone’s location or keep tabs on someone’s whereabouts, NexaSpy gives you all real-time insights. The best thing is that you can remotely lock stolen devices with NexaSpy and ensure data safety. Isn’t it amazing?

So, what are you waiting for? Get NexaSpy today and track everything you want.


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