How to Track a Phone without a Sim Card? It’s Easier than You Think

How to Track a Phone without a Sim Card? It’s Easier than You Think

Everybody is eager to keep their loved ones safe and track their whereabouts, no matter where life takes them.

But then it hits you. What if they suspect you’re trying to track them and remove their SIM card to stop you? Or what if they are traveling abroad and decide to change SIM cards? Can you track a phone without a SIM card? Or are you out of luck? We will discuss these questions in this guide.

Why You May Need to Track Phone with a SIM-Free Card

If you’re a parent, it’s natural to wonder, “Can a phone be tracked without a SIM card?” It can be not easy. If they even suspect you’re trying to keep tabs on them, they may even go so far as to remove their SIM card to prevent you from tracking their whereabouts.

You don’t have to worry about tech-savvy loved ones being one step ahead when tracking a phone without a SIM card.

We’ve got the top 3 options to help you track a phone without a SIM card, and they’re all surprisingly easy to use. With these methods, you can stay one step ahead and quickly locate your phone.

1. Track phone with NexaSpy

For the easiest way to track a phone without a SIM card, look no further than NexaSpy. Modern phone tracking app sets the bar for monitoring apps. And it’s clear why. The easy-to-install, easy-to-use app lets you see their location even if they’ve taken out their SIM card.

You can still see their location if their phone is connected to Wi-Fi. And it records their last location, so you’ll know where they are if they get disconnected again.

But here’s the best part. If they change SIM cards, you can still track them. It is because NexaSpy is a phone tracker app that doesn’t care which SIM card they use. As long as their phone is connected, you’re good to go.

But if you know which SIM card is installed on their device, NexaSpy has you covered. The app shows you what network they’re on, if their data signal is on, and their phone’s IMEI number — all in your NexaSpy control panel.

2. Track Phone with Google Find My Device

It’s not just iOS users wondering if you can track a phone without a SIM card. If they’re on Android, you want to be able to track them easily.

The app works like Apple’s Find My but isn’t pre-installed on Android phones. To use it, you should install the app on their device first. You can search and download it from the Google Play Store. It’s pretty straightforward!

3. Track Phone with IMEI

IMEI, short for (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 15-digit number. These numbers identify your device on a mobile network. But did you know that this number can help you locate your lost phone?

Here’s how to find your phone’s IMEI number: Just type *#06#. Within seconds, the IMEI number of your device will be displayed in front of you.

Now, while your SIM card has a unique number, it can only be tracked if inserted into a mobile phone. But don’t worry, even without a SIM card, you can track your phone using its IMEI number.

Track Phone That Has No Service

Can you track a phone that has no service? Yes of course, as long as the phone has a Wi-Fi connection.

Apps like MSP, Find My, and others use an Internet connection to pinpoint their location. However, the specific type of connection doesn’t matter. Regardless, a stable connection ensures accurate results every time.

You’re ready to go whether they’re on 5G, LTE, 3G, or Wi-Fi. And as long as it’s connected to Wi-Fi, you’re still covered by a SIM-free phone.

The Truth about Tracking a Phone That’s Turned Off

If you find an app that claims to track a phone without a SIM card, even when locked, we’ve got some swampland in Florida to sell you.

Every phone has to be connected to Wi-Fi to share its location. It’s just the way it works. Whether you’re using NexaSpy, Google Find My Device, or something completely different doesn’t matter. Internet connection is key.

So what happens if the phone is disconnected from the Internet? Depending on the app, you may see their last known location before they were divorced.

Nexaspy Lets You Do More than Track A Phone Without A SIM Card

NexaSpy works for phone tracking. With a monitoring app installed on their device, it is easy to track their location at any given moment, as well as their past locations. But NexaSpy goes beyond just locating a phone without a SIM card. NexaSpy lets you know what they are doing online.

Are you curious about whom they’re texting and what they’re saying? With NexaSpy, you can get all the details. Are they worried about the content of their social media chats? NexaSpy lets you have their most private conversations. Are you worried about the photos installed on their phone? NexaSpy enables you to see what’s in their camera roll.

You can even see their browsing history, read their emails, see what’s on their calendar, and see their phone logs. NexaSpy includes a keylogger to capture every keystroke typed and a screen recorder that shows screenshots of their phone usage.

All these features work in stealth mode, ensuring you can monitor them without their knowledge. And it works even on phones without a SIM card, as long as it has an internet connection.


the desire to ensure the safety and well-being of loved ones transcends geographical boundaries, prompting individuals to seek means of tracking their whereabouts even when conventional methods, such as SIM card tracking, may be thwarted. The availability of advanced technologies and innovative solutions, such as NexaSpy, Google Find My Device, and the utilization of IMEI numbers, offer viable options for tracking phones without SIM cards.

These methods provide real-time location tracking and empower users with additional insights into their loved one’s digital activities, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and peace of mind. While it’s imperative to recognize the necessity of an internet connection for effective tracking, the evolution of tracking capabilities underscores the unwavering commitment to safeguarding loved ones, regardless of the circumstances.


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