How to Track a Phone Without Google Maps?

How to Track a Phone Without Google Maps?

Google makes it easy to find your phone. You can use Google maps to locate your phone in seconds. However, it does not work when the shared location is off, and your phone has no access to the internet.

So, how can‌ you find your lost phone? Or how to find a phone without an internet connection?

Google search is full of questions like these. The answer is simple: you can use the Android phone locator app on another phone as an Android tracker phone.

2 Methods to Track an Android Phone Without Google Maps

1. With Google Maps (FREE)

Many free Android apps for GPS tracking help you detect your phone free in minutes. You only have to download these apps and link them with your Google ID. Or you can use the built-in app for Android Find my Device.


  1. Both devices should be connected to internet
  2. Sharing location should enable on lost phone

Steps to Follow

Now Simply Download Find My Device App and Proceed Setup

  • Search for the Find My Device app on the Play Store
  • After downloading, open the app
  • Grant all permissions the app required

Find Your Lost Phone on Google Maps

If you lose your phone and now have to download the Find my phone app on a different phone. You can also use their website on your PC or laptop. It shows you the pin location of your device on Google Maps.

Other Features You Can Use

  • If you cannot find the device on maps, you can also play a sound for 5 minutes. It works even if your phone is on silent.
  • Suppose you are unable to locate your phone with the help of Google maps.
  • You can lock the phone remotely.
  • Or can swipe all data in one click or erase permanent Android data

Pros of Google Maps

  • Android tracker for phones
  • Free to use
  • Work on all Android devices (above 8.0)
  • User friendly

Cons of Google Maps

  • Stable Internet-connection is required
  • Can not track someone’s location if the device has location sharing disabled.

2. NexaSpy Android Phone Locator App Without Google Maps

Now the question is if we lost our phone and did not find my device, how do we find our cell phone? You can use the NexaSpy app to track the location of your phone. It can work without Google. It also helps you to find the location of another person’s phone remotely. You can track the real-time location of your spouse or children.

How Does NexaSpy Help You Find a Lost Phone?

To get started with NexaSpy, you need to install the app on your target phone. We know that no one can predict if they are going to lose their device, but using NexaSpy as a precautionary measure is what everyone needs.

Steps To Follow:

  • Get NexaSpy Subscription
  • Download the APK file (app installer) on your phone
  • Setup installation of the application on target phone
  • Give permission requested by an app from the target phone.
Other Features of NexaSpy
  • Track another person’s phone remotely
  • Monitor Social media
  • It can work as a spy camera application.
  • You can record videos or pictures remotely
  • Track calls and messages remotely
  • Screen monitoring

NexaSpy comes with the fully loaded features of phone tracking apps, which can be used as parental control for child safety or monitor your spouse. The most precious thing for parents is their child. They can sacrifice their life to protect them. Now you don’t have to take any pressure if they are not at home or using an excessive cell phone. Track all their online activities with the help of an Android tracker phone.

Final Words

Tracking phone locations is the most important thing for parents to know all family footprints. Teens, toddlers, and adults are addicted to cell phones; first, we check our phones before doing anything in the morning. Same with teens, but they are possessive about their phones, so NexaSpy is the best Android tracker phone that not only shares their phone’s location but also helps you spy on their social media platforms.

The NexaSpy Android spy best feature, GPS location tracker, locates your children’s phone remotely without Google maps.

If you want to learn about how to track your lost phone? You can use the Find My Device app. It helps to find your phone on Google maps. It works if your phone has an internet connection and the shared location is on. Or, to find a lost phone which has not accessed the internet, learn how to use the NexaSpy Android tracker phone, which can locate the phone without Google Maps.


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