Track Social Media Activities With NexaSpy Android Monitoring App

Track Social Media Activities With NexaSpy Android Monitoring App

Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are widely used apps all across the world. The internet is a blessing until it leaks information, knowledge, and understanding across the globe. Unfortunately, it is nothing more than a curse for time-draining, abusive, and addictive services. The addiction to online life has destroyed the youth.

Social media networks allow us to communicate, connect, and explore the world. However, the same social media network unveils many hidden dangers of cyberspace. You might think creating your kid’s Facebook or Instagram account is a common thing, but little do you know about the unsolicited threats that might haunt your child for life.

We suggest using an Android monitoring app to track the social media activities of your young ones.

NexaSpy is the best option, which not only helps you to track social media activities but at the same time provides you access to spy on mobile phones. In addition, it contains many tools, such as social media monitoring, app monitoring, employee monitoring, and parental control.

Before revealing the proper method to use an Android monitoring app, let’s first discuss some reasons why you should track social media activities.

Is It Okay to Track Someone’s Social Media?

The content on social media is cruel, containing lies, fake scenarios, false religious information, blasphemy, etc. Different heinous crimes are promoted directly or indirectly on these platforms.

Moreover, cyber threats and blackmailing are increasing every passing day.

Stats say that:

  • More than half of the US kids face cyberbullying.
  • 59% of youth experience cyberbullying on Instagram more than any other platform.
  • 1 in 4 kids experience unsolicited graphic content and get harassed or bullied online.

While Checking someone’s social media activities, we can quickly reveal their preferences, likes, dislikes, etc. Seeing someone’s activities on Facebook without even knowing them is that simple with the NexaSpy App.

Social media addiction can highly be seen in our younger generation. NexaSpy App, a social media tracker, provides you access to the chat and chat history of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms. In addition, we can track the locations and monitor multimedia saved from social networks on the targeted mobile phone.

How To Track Social Media Activities With An Android Monitoring App?

Tracking the social media actions of your loved ones using the Android tracker app is the need of the hour. It aids parents in keeping an eye on their children when they aren’t around, empowering employers to stay informed of their staff and allowing spouses to make sure their partner is not cheating.

The NexaSpy app can not only help you to access your child’s or employee’s instant messengers but you can also track chat history and media files. This App has exceptional features for you to help you spy on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat conversations and guard your kid or venture.

3 Steps Guide to NexaSpy Android Monitoring App:

Parents can easily access and monitor kids’ devices with the NexaSpy tracking app to save kids from online dangers, including cyberbullying, pornography, and online predators. There are only three steps to follow:

  • Register yourself with NexaSpy to Get Android Spying authorization.
  • Install the NexaSpy App on the Targeted Device.
  • Supervise the cyber actions via an online dashboard.


  • Come over to the website through your browser –
  • Register for an account.
  • Add an email and password.
  • After Registration, the computer will lead you to step up the process.
  • Now, you must gain physical access to the targeted device to install the NexaSpy App on it.


  • For NexaSpy installation preparation, go to settings, Then tap on “lock screen and Security.” Allow Unknown Sources and select OK.
  • Tap Settings > Security > Google Play Protect”. Toggle off “Improve Harmful App Detection.”
  • Install the NexaSpy app & set up the required configurations.


  • Go to the dashboard.
  • Open the features menu.
  • Select features required.
  • Start tracking by using your computer.
  • To supervise the latest mobile actions of your tracked device, you must refresh the online dashboard, after which the spy will sync the ongoing cyber activities from your target phone/tablet.

Features of NexaSpy Facebook Activity Tracker

Nowadays, kids chat with strangers, or employees spend their hours talking, usually over social media messengers. Using NexaSpy, you can find out if your target person is involved in any cyber danger or anything like that.

Track FB Messenger:

While spying on Facebook with an Android tracker, you can check on the targeted device’s messages being sent or received.

Read WhatsApp Messages:

You can spy on WhatsApp conversations to know who is in connection with the targeted user.

Monitor Multimedia from Instagram:

You can find photos and videos of multimedia sent or received on Instagram Messenger.

Receive Social Media Activity Report:

NexaSpy app reports about the social media activity of the monitored device in real-time.

Other Features:

Tracking Text Messages:

Being able to spy on text messages remotely your kid receives can be very important in certain situations. For example, if an online predator targets a kid, at least parents can stop them or protect their child.

Tracking Phone Calls:

When you have access to your kid’s mobile, you can go through it regularly to protect them. You can hack mobile numbers easily by using the NexaSpy App.

Monitor Saved Photos:

Photo monitoring software helps spot skeptical pictures saved in the target device and enables you to take immediate action.

Call Recording:

Phone apps for call recording allow people to discover what other people discuss behind their backs without suspicion, as if you can easily listen to what type of conversations your kid has with his friends.

Video Recording:

NexaSpy video tracking software helps you to view saved videos of the target user. It enables you to find what sort of videos your kid likes to see or whether it is appropriate for him or not. Spy Camera:

With NexaSpy, you can control the targeted device with a hidden spy cam. It’s highly recommended for parents as it helps them manage their kid’s camera.

24/7 Instant Access:

NexaSpy App gives you every single update of the target device. Getting notified about your child’s online activities can allow parents to ensure the cybersecurity of their kids. At the same time, businesses can secure their corporate information.


Considering all the points, it is always better to see what your kid or employee is doing in your absence using an Android tracking app. Social media addiction is growing in the younger generation. NexaSpy mobile phone tracker app NexaSpy is an excellent and trusted option to guard or monitor them. Here you can easily watch if your child is involved in any harmful activity or your employee is wasting time chatting uselessly. NexaSpy App protects and monitors the targeted device, mobile or tablet.


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