How to View the Browsing History of Someone Using An Android Spy App?

How to View the Browsing History of Someone Using An Android Spy App?

A well-known proverb says trust but verify. The internet has opened so many opportunities for us that skipping the online world is no longer an option but a necessity.

People search and scroll through different media and content all day using search engines like Google and Bing.

It is common among kids that when their parents are not around, they search for explicit media or things that are prohibited. You might have too searched for illicit media when no one is around, didn’t you?

But times have changed to the extent that the internet allows people to engage in intimate activities online. Unfortunately, sexting is common these days among teens, so parents should keep an eye on their kids’ browsing history and online activities.

This article will explain three practical ways to monitor someone’s browsing history.

Let’s get into the details.

Can You View Someone’s Browsing History?

Yes, you can. Looking into the web browsing history of your loved one is easy when you use the right tools.

Monitoring your loved ones’ internet history is legal for their online safety.

Similarly, going through the web history of your employee on their work-owned devices is allowed as long as you are not breaching their privacy with ill will.

As per the data on Statista, more than 5.35 billion people are using the internet in the US alone.

There are three reasons that compel you to check their browsing history.

1. To Keep Kids Safe From Online Threats

If you worry that your underage child will go missing in the wildness of the internet world, then you should know that you are not alone. Many parents feel the same way. The internet is like an unlimited source of information on various topics. Out of all, the self-harm, violent, and sexually explicit content is the most dangerous. Therefore, peeking into their internet history is essential for parents.

2. To Secure Business From Data Breach

Many startups fail to continue their business due to loss. One reason for their loss is the need for more employee productivity. To spy on the internet history of your employees on their company-owned devices has become mandatory.

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Employees can be distracted while browsing the internet during working hours. It can reduce their efficiency at work. Hence, it is a wise move to implement some policies of monitoring.

3. To Ensure You Have a Healthy Relationship

Monitoring browsing history helps identify why your loved one behaves suspiciously. Some partners can turn to their browsers to search for answers linked with depression, stress, or anxiety. With timely identifications, you can provide proper help and care for them more.

3 Ways to Monitor Someone’s Browsing History of Android Smartphones

When you try to discover ways to spy on internet browsing history, block adults website on Google chrome, you will end up getting three significant ways to do it. We will discuss them all in detail in this article. It’s not a secret that everything is going digital now, from online education to remote online meetings of companies. When you get everything online, there is a fair chance of misuse of that space. As we go forward in this article, you will know the basic rules families are, and companies need to set for their homes or workplaces.

With the advancement in mobile technology and new apps emerging daily on the Google play store, it is no longer challenging to view someone’s browser history. You can use three basic ways to check anyone’s browsing history quickly.

1. Using the Android Spy App

The number one authentic solution mainly used and most straightforward in form is an app to spy on Android phone. Android monitoring software users state that it is the cleanest method to track internet history. All you have to do is install the app in target mobile and begin monitoring. For a seamless experience, we suggest the NexaSpy app.

2. Third-Party App

Another way to view the web history is using a free third-party app. However, such apps come with a price of security threats. Many apps scam people and trick them into revealing their data sold in the market at a high price. If you are willing to take the risk, monitor your web browsing history using this method. Also, these apps often don’t provide accurate information.

3. Accessing the History From Their Phone

This method is a little dangerous to implement. It requires constant possession of the target mobile. However, this is how you do it.

  • Access Google on the target device
  • Go to setting from the options menu
  • Access “My Activity” from “accounts and privacy”
  • Now you can view everything they have been scrolling on the internet

[BONUS] How to Monitor Incognito Mode Browsing History?

The anonymous browsing history is meant to have no record of the internet activity. That’s why most teens go incognito when searching for explicit content.

If you want to monitor incognito history on Android, you must take the smart move.

For this purpose, you must pick an Android monitoring software that offers browsing history monitoring, keylogs tracking, or screen recording.

Luckily, NexaSpy offers all these features. You can view their internet history by checking the keystrokes or view entire phone activity with screen recorded videos. Apart from these, the browsing history monitoring feature lets you view the incognito mode searches with detailed web history and time stamps.

It means that you can now monitor incognito history of Android browsers in real time to ensure your loved ones are safe online.

The Final Note

When you ask experts which method to spy on internet history, they recommend using a spying app. It is the most reliable way to identify what your target person is browsing on the internet without disturbing them. With an underage child, you can constantly monitor them without telling them with an internet history spy app. NexaSpy is one of the most endorsed apps by users.


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