How to Turn an Android Phone into a Surveillance Gadget?

How to Turn an Android Phone into a Surveillance Gadget?

Of Course, you are worried about someone. That’s why you landed on this blog!

If you want to spy on someone, know all the details about them, and be their shadow, this article will significantly help you.

Do you know that around 6.8 billion people worldwide have cell phones, and over 3.5 billion people among them are Android users?

Let us tell you a secret. You can transform Android devices into a surveillance gadget.

How? For that, you need to read the complete article.

How to Turn an Android Phone into a Surveillance Gadget?

The concept of unlocking the hidden potential in the tiny wonders of technology has grown more alluring in a time when Android phones serve as more than just communication tools.

An Android device may be transformed into a surveillance gadget that can record moments, keep an eye on areas, and open up a world where you can monitor everything around a specific person.

Like a CCTV cam and baby monitors, you can record a person’s surroundings by turning their phone’s camera into a spy cam. The best thing is that you’ll use your target’s phone as a spy camera.

That was a prefix, a hint about turning an Android camera into a spy recorder.

As we proceed through the succeeding step-by-step tutorial, considering moral ethics and honoring personal space, it’s important to proceed cautiously.

Let’s explore how to turn an Android phone into a spy camera and discover the features that make it a valuable tool for contemporary spying.

3 Steps to Turn Android Phones into Spy Gadget

The only way to convert an Android camera into a spy camera is by using Android spy app. However, it’s essential to research to choose the best software that offers surround recording features.

Step 1: Pick The Right Spy Cam App.

The initial step is selecting and installing spy camera software on the Android device.

Let’s take the example of NexaSpy.

To monitor someone’s surroundings with NexaSpy, you need a subscription.

Don’t worry; NexaSpy is accessible in the pocket!

  • Visit the official NexaSpy website and click the “SignUp” button from the top right corner.
  • Create an account on NexaSpy by providing your name, contact info, and payment details.
  • Pick a subscription package that offers a “Spy on Camera” feature.
  • Purchase the subscription, and you can move to the next step.

Note that you can only get NexaSpy from its official website. It is not available on PlayStore or App Store.

Step 2: Installation & Configuration of Spy Cam App

NexaSpy installation requires physical access to the target device. It’s a one-time, quick process. You only have to install the app on the device you want to turn into a spy gadget. Once installed, the configuration process redirects you to prompts you must follow.

Remember, the NexaSpy app can only be activated with a provided key. You’ll get the product activation key upon purchasing the app.

Step 3: Remote Monitoring

NexaSpy is one of the best software for using a phone as a spy camera. With NexaSpy, you may use your target Android phone’s front and back cameras and spy on your surroundings like a real detective.

NexaSpy gives you access to a remote online dashboard. You can log in to the online control panel using your account credentials. The dashboard previews features of NexaSpy.

Just click Spy on Camera and take control of your target phone’s camera on the go.

Upgrade to the NexaSpy premium plan for additional features, including calls, contacts, texts, and social media monitoring.

Some Possible Outcomes You May Find Using a Spy Camera

Before stepping into the spying world, ensure you can deal with the outcomes. Sometimes, we follow a hunch, and it reveals too many details that we can barely handle.

We suggest you stay strong because you may encounter the following possibilities;

  • If you’re monitoring your spouse or partner, you may find proof of infidelity.
  • Parents monitoring their children’s surroundings may uncover their kids’ toxic friends, partners, or habits they never knew of.

If you find something suspicious, it is better to react wisely and take the appropriate action. Don’t let your emotions take over the situation. Just take a deep breath and handle the situation sensibly.


Unlike other surround monitors, NexaSpy is undetectable and portable. From CCTV cameras to baby monitors, all are limited to a specific location, fixed at a place. NexaSpy, on the other hand, can be installed on anyone’s smartphone. All you need to do is activate the surround recording feature, which will record everything happening around your person of interest.

Moreover, apart from surrounding surveillance, NexaSpy offers many features that give you complete access to the target device.

NexaSpy is your best bet for turning Android phones into a spy camera. You can capture evidence with ease and watch surroundings covertly.

So why waste money hiring a private detective when you can use your target’s phone as a spy?

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Can I watch what my child is doing when I am away?

Yes, you can monitor your child’s activities even while being away using a spy camera app. All you need to do is install a spy camera App (we suggest NexaSpy) on your kid’s phone, which will help you record their surroundings in real time. You can record what’s happening around them, where they are, and whom they speak to secretly with NexaSpy.

2- Can I use an Android tablet to record my child’s surroundings?

Many spy camera apps, such as NexaSpy, are compatible with tablets. You can follow the app’s installation guidelines to convert your child’s tablet into a surveillance gadget.

3- Does NexaSpy camera spy work without an internet connection?

You need strong internet access at both ends to monitor anyone’s live surroundings with NexaSpy. The target and the person monitoring should have their devices connected to the internet for optimal monitoring experience.


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