What is Text Message Monitoring? Is The Whole Process True?

What is Text Message Monitoring? Is The Whole Process True?

The digital world has made it much easier for people to cheat, scam, and threaten people. We all are indeed cell phone addicts, and mobile phones are making us more and more dependent on them.

When it comes to communications, people are more comfortable texting than dialing a phone call. And there are several reasons why people text; perhaps they are using slang language over texts. Or, worse, they are sexting and cheating on their partner.

In teenagers’ world, sexting is a casual activity. It sounds weird, but adolescents are into time-passing relationships these days. Well, that can be a reason to monitor their devices. Not to intrude on their privacy, but to make sure they are not misusing digital independence.

Before we go into details, you need to know exactly what text message monitoring is.

What is Text Message Monitoring?

The word monitoring means to keep an eye on something. Text message monitoring means reading someone’s text messages they sent or received using cell phones. You can read someone’s text messages either in two ways; by snooping into their phone when they’re not around, and by using a text message monitoring app.

Both ways are practical. But the first one can get you into trouble in case you get caught. We prefer using a text message monitoring app because it is more simple and secure.

For What Reasons Could Someone Monitor Text Messages of a Person?

Doubt ends friendships, relationships, and even business partnerships. Well, a doubt is never planted into someone’s brain. It is the instincts of human beings that urge them to spy on their peers.

A person may want to monitor the text messages of someone for the following reasons;

  • A parent whose child is always texting becomes curious if an online predator has befriended their kid.
  • Spouses may want to read their partner’s text message due to the sudden distant behavior of their better half.
  • A businessman would spy on the text messages of staff because of suspicious corporate activity.

Let’s now discover the platforms that are used for sending and receiving text messages.

Which Apps are Frequently Used for Sending & Receiving Text Messages?

Before you dive into the process of text message monitoring, you should know your target app. The emergence of social media has given people too many options to chit-chat. The days are long gone when text messages were only functional via SMS.

Now, people text through WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and other instant messaging apps.

All you need to do is which app your target person uses to text their peers. Once you get that, you can monitor their text messages. How? You’ll find details in the later section.

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages? A Secret Method Revealed!

There are several methods allowing you to monitor someone’s text messages like Android device sharing or iCloud backup. Note that, for the method just mentioned, you’ll require your target person’s Google or iCloud credentials to read text messages.

How about we tell you a non-invasive and permanent way following which you can read your target person’s text messages anytime you want?

Read Text Messages Using a Text Message Monitoring App!

When we are following a hunch, we want things to be clear. Similarly, when a person needs to read someone’s messages, he or she needs the complete chat details. Some people delete shady chats just to stay safe from any circumstances. Text message monitoring apps are designed in a way to record all text messages the minute they are sent or received on the target phone. The best part, you can have access to all their chats on your own cell phone.

Here are which text messages you can read using a text message monitoring app.

Read SMSes

Stats show that more than 18.7 billion text messages are exchanged worldwide, each day. An SMS tracking app can fetch all the sent and received text messages and upload the recorded details on an online dashboard from where you can read them.

Read WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messenger app using which more than 60 billion text messages are sent and received each day. WhatsApp allows users to delete specific text messages (even sent ones) from the chat history. Luckily, a text monitoring app can record even the deleted messages on WhatsApp and keep a record of it.

Read Instagram Messages

Although Instagram is mostly used to share multimedia content, still people use it for sending text messages. Like WhatsApp, Instagram also lets users delete messages from the chat, it leaves no trace of a deleted message. But, text chat monitoring apps are smarter than this functionality. You can read Instagram messages remotely as well.

Read Facebook Messages

Facebook is a well-known social media app that introduced its Messenger for texting purposes. If your target person is always on Facebook Messenger, you can simply read their messages with a third-party Facebook text monitoring app.

Read Snapchat Messages

Snapchat is the most clever social platform of all the options mentioned above. It automatically deletes the chat history after 24 hours leaving no trace of everything, and that is the reason most kids use it. No matter how clever Snapchat is, if you have a text monitor installed on your target device, you can read and spy Snapchat messages on the go.

NexaSpy – The Best Text Message Monitoring App

You must be curious which Android spy app as an SMS tracker could be used for reading someone’s SMSes and social apps texts. Let us introduce NexaSpy! It is a text spy app with advanced text message tracking features. From detailed chats to contact details, you can track everything happening on your target device. It can track SMS inboxes and the most popular social media messaging apps allowing you to read chats from your target phone, easily and secretly.


According to research, the number of monthly texts sent increased by more than 7,700% over the last 10 years. 81% of Americans text regularly, which means most of our daily life conversations are done via text messages. If you’re curious about someone’s text messages, we suggest you use the NexaSpy app and read text messages of anyone you want, it’s easy and simple.


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