XNSpy Android Tracker Review – Know The Hype!

XNSpy Android Tracker Review – Know The Hype!

The future is unpredictable, and it is impossible to foresee challenges that may haunt us. Consider the unsettling thought of your young daughter not returning home? Imagine the distress of someone snatching your cell phone, leaving you with the daunting task of locating it. Don’t wait any longer for something bad to happen!

You can use an Android tracker app to surveil your kid’s online presence.

XNSpy Android tracker is an advanced monitoring software that allows you to fully track all activities of your target device including Facebook messenger, web history, call logs, GPS, and other online actions performed by an individual.

XNSpy is a multifunctional tool that has features enabling businesses to improve their productivity. Suppose you are a manager of a well-reputed firm. In that case, this app will help you monitor the location and company-owned devices to check that your employees are using the resources responsibly or not.

Or, if you are a worried spouse who wants to know if their partner is cheating, XNSpy is the go to tool for you to find the truth.

XNSpy Android Tracker App – Why Is It Popular?

XNSpy is the most trusted and reliable tracking app for Android endorsed by people worldwide.

As you witness various crimes in your society, ranging from kidnapping to murder and cell phone snatching, it’s crucial to recognize that there are solutions available. You can take a proactive step towards enhancing your safety and security by downloading a single app on your cell phone.

XNSpy’s features are predominant. In contrast with other mobile spy apps, XNSpy is budget-friendly. However, the internet has mixed reviews about XNSpy that made us write a detailed review on the app’s productivity.

Key Features of the XNSpy Android Tracker App

XNSpy is an Android and iOS-based software which possesses robust mobile tracking features, including;

Call Monitoring

XNSpy Android tracker app has a great feature that allows users to track incoming and outgoing calls, thus providing details such as call duration and contact information. This feature of the this app is helpful for parents who want to trace their children’s activities.

Text Message Activity Tracker

XNSpy app can track SMS messages and messages received by different platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, thus allowing users to know about the channel used.

Checking Website History

The XNSpy Android monitoring boasts another powerful feature – website search history monitoring. This functionality enables you to trace someone’s browsing history, persisting even after they have deleted the history. This comprehensive history reveals the websites visited with time stamps of each browsed URL. By employing this advanced feature, users gain insights into online activities, enhancing the app’s capabilities for thorough monitoring and ensuring a comprehensive overview of the targeted individual’s digital behavior.

Social Media Activities

XNSpy has spread its roots to tracking social media platforms. It can enlist the activities done on social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. This feature lets you check your partner’s chat with someone and exchange media on social media platforms.

GPS Tracking

XNSpy provides current GPS location tracking that lets you know a device’s current location. This helps parents worried about their children’s whereabouts to trace their children. Users can also view the targeted device’s real-time date and location history.

Complete Stealth Mode

XNSpy Tracker can track employee activities without making itself visible to them. For example, you can watch the performance of your employees as a hidden camera does. This feature helps you to evaluate your employees based on how much they are responsible for their work.

XNSpy Pricing

XNSpy packages start from $29.9 per month for XNSpy Basic. Considering the features and usage, the subscription price is just like peanuts. Once you have used the app, you will understand that the pricing is according to its performance.

Pros and Cons of XNSpy App


Let’s discuss some pros of the XNSpy Android Tracker App, including;

Ease of Use

Using the XNSpy app is remarkably straightforward. Once you have downloaded the app, log in, choose a package, and proceed to connect the target device. This user-friendly process allows you to utilize the app for your monitoring needs effortlessly.

24/7 Access

XNSpy Android Software can be used to spy on Android phone from anywhere, anytime, for any desired purpose. You do not need to wait for its response.

Ensured Safety.

XNSpy is a safe app, it keeps data encrypted and no one other than the end-user can access it.

Complete Control

XNSpy allows its users to have complete control over the target device. With the help of its tools, one can get an approach to the installed apps. It keeps on providing alerts at every step.


Now, let’s look at the other side, the cons of using the XNSpy app.

No Free Trial

XNSpy does not offer free trials. This app has advanced features that are the main selling points. Offering a free trial for such features can be misused by individuals, thus stealing someone’s data for something.

Limited Refund Option

XNSpy tracking app has limited refund options. Besides setting the limit, it prevents its misuse. Extensive refunding may create an option for the users who intend to misuse the information.


In a period of unpredictable world, Android monitoring apps give you the answers to your doubts. Most spy apps damage cell phones or may leak confidential data, but the XNSpy Android tracker does not sacrifice privacy. It keeps your data confidential.

The unique features and design of the XNSpy app make it the most trustful and reliable Android tracker app. Its commitment to user-friendly and ethical usage makes it a compelling option for individuals like you who need an authentic Android spying app.


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