How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages?

How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages?

WhatsApp is a profoundly used chatting application to make calls and messages and share media files, including photos, videos, songs, etc. It helps you get in touch with your friends, family members, and fellows.

Everything has modernized, and you can now protect your kids, teens, and loved ones by monitoring WhatsApp conversations.

But can you really read someone’s WhatsApp messages?

The answer is yes, you can!

The primary objective behind Monitoring someone is ‘protection’. Monitoring WhatsApp chats is legal if you are a concerned parent or spouse who worries about their loved ones’ safety.

In this article, we will tell you how to monitor WhatsApp secretly with 100% effective methods.

Let’s get started.

How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages?

Did you know there are over 98 million users of WhatsApp in the US only?

Over 2 billion people are WhatsApp users worldwide.

WhatsApp has become a central chatting platform for everyone, as people now prefer to send WhatsApp texts rather than send SMSes.

So, by reading someone’s WhatsApp messages, you can spy on their contacts, plans, friends circle and more. In short, spying on WhatsApp can help you reveal secrets of your target person’s life.

Effective Methods to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages:

Suppose you want to track the WhatsApp activity of the target mobile. In that case, you must have Android monitoring software like NexaSpy installed on the target device that enables you to access the device via an online control panel.

Here is how you can monitor someone’s WhatsApp using NexaSpy software.

2 Effective Ways to View WhatsApp Chats:

As you know, monitoring the WhatsApp account of your kids and employees is essential. Let’s now find alternative ways to track the WhatsApp messenger accounts.

You can track the WhatsApp accounts in apparently two possible ways:

  1. Physical Monitoring    2. Digital Monitoring

Physical Monitoring appears to be a mess. Kids of today are more technical than their parents. They have set passwords and patterns to protect their mobile phone’s data.

Now parents can only view the target device whether they know the password or ask kids to open it. Both situations are in favour of kids. They could hide or delete valuable data or messages.

Digital Monitoring is a valuable and convenient way to track online and mobile activities. The elevation in technology has brought some valuable modifications for spying needs. Phone monitoring software allows parents and employees to view the target devices through an online control panel. Further, they can find all the data stored or deleted from the target device via the dashboard.

Monitor WhatsApp Using NexaSpy App:

Installing the NexaSpy app provides you with easy and remote access to the target device. To install the application, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Get a NexaSpy license from the official website.
  2. Access your target device and disable “Play Protect” from the settings.
  3. Now, allow the “Unknown Sources” to configure the spy application on the target device.
  4. Copy the NexaSpy download link from your registered email and paste it on the target device to install the app.
  5. Set up and configure the app on the target device.
  6. Open the NexaSpy dashboard and login with your registered ID.
  7. Click on WhatsApp Feature from the menu and access their WhatsApp chats in real time.

What Can You Monitor Using NexaSpy WhatsApp Tracker?

A question must be on your mind: Does NexaSpy WhatsApp Monitor work?

Well yes!

NexaSpy WhatsApp tracking feature gives you 100% results.

NexaSpy is the top WhatsApp spy app in 2024 that offers a free trial and more than 30 unique features to fulfill your monitoring needs.

The NexaSpy WhatsApp monitoring feature allows users to track WhatsApp activity and view multimedia files, chat groups and other activities on the target’s WhatsApp account. In addition, you can monitor the call logs and message history of the target mobile.

Why Do You Need NexaSpy WhatsApp Tracker Now?

Adulthood is the age of curiosity and knowing new things. Parents are concerned about their teens and kids to safeguard them. Of course, privacy comes first, but you can track your kids when you have to protect them.

App to spy on Android phone give you more control over your kids’ mobile and social accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, & Twitter. You can set app usage timings and control the screen timings of the target device as well. Further, you can block the user you find dangerous or unsuitable for your kids or employees.

It’s not WhatsApp that is dangerous, but the whole online world. Your child might befriend a stranger from online platforms or forums and share a WhatsApp number to maintain contact.

The worst that could happen is that the stranger’s friend turns out to be a predator and involves your child in sexting or other illegal activities. Else, your child can be the victim of catfishing and scams.

Parents must get a NexaSpy app now to prevent such horrible scenarios and start monitoring their kids.

You can get remote access to all operations linked with WhatsApp. NexaSpy encourages you to view the online data stored on the WhatsApp account of the target user.

Using the NexaSpy app, you can;

  • View all the messages, calls & pictures received or sent via the Control panel.
  • Save and view the Multimedia files of the target device on an online control panel.
  • View all the call logs, including outgoing and incoming calls.
  • Receive notifications on every single movement.
  • View the location and whereabouts of the target mobile.
  • Block or restrict the application usage.
  • Get 24/7 prompt alerts.

With NexaSpy, parents can remotely monitor the calls, messages, locations, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social apps. It operates on Android 4 and the following.


The online space is always vulnerable to digital scammers and hackers, So kids and teens can quickly become their prey using WhatsApp.

Almost every day, you can learn about cyber crimes, online predators and so on linked to WhatsApp. That’s why you must take prompt action to save your loved ones from secret WhatsApp threats. Or you can spy on your partner’s WhatsApp to know if your relationship matters.

Get a NexaSpy WhatsApp tracker and know the hidden truth of your loved ones’ lives. Save them before it’s too late.


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