SecureTeen Review: All Features and Its Alternative

SecureTeen Review: All Features and Its Alternative

Kids today use gadgets a lot. Almost every child in the U.S. has a cell phone, PC, or tablet. These devices help them with schoolwork and talking to friends online.

But there are dangers online, like cyberbullying and strangers trying to harm kids. That’s why parents need to find ways to keep their children safe. One option is to use a parental control app to watch what their kids do on their devices.

One popular app for this is SecureTeen. However, it has two main problems: it doesn’t do much, and it costs more for a whole year than other apps do for just one month.

That’s why we suggest trying a different app, like NexaSpy. But if you want to learn more about SecureTeen, keep reading this review.

What is SecureTeen Parental Control?

This app helps parents keep an eye on their kids online. It’s great for parents who want to make sure their kids are safe while browsing. It secretly watches over what your kids are doing online.

Your kids won’t even know you’re checking up on them. You can block mature or harmful content easily. It can also monitor calls, messages, and protect against cyberbullies. You can set limits on how much time your kids spend on their devices. It works on iOS and Android.

How SecureTeen Works

If you’re targeting an Android device, you need to physically access it to install the app. After installation, it works quietly in the background without detection.

For Android, it has two parts: one controls internet use, blocks apps, and sets screen limits. The other part monitors the target’s activities.

If your target has an iPhone or iOS device, no installation is needed. Just provide iCloud/iTunes login details, and it retrieves info from the cloud.

No rooting or jailbreaking is needed for Android or iOS, keeping the device warranty safe. You can monitor up to three devices no matter the plan you choose.

TeenSafe Features

SecureTeen offers several features to keep your child safe online:

1. App Blocking

Easily control how much time your child spends on mobile apps by blocking them from your dashboard.

2. Browsing History Check

See what your child has been browsing to protect them from inappropriate content.

3. Social Media Monitoring

Keep tabs on who your child talks to on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Skype, and Facebook. You can even limit their time on these apps.

4. Call Logs Viewing

Track incoming and outgoing calls, along with the phone numbers involved.

5. Location Tracking

Know where your child is in real-time, even if their GPS isn’t on.

6. Keylogging

See everything your child types, including texts, searches, and passwords, on their phone or PC.

7. Gmail Monitoring

Access your child’s Gmail messages, including sender details, timestamps, and email history, remotely.

Does SecureTeen Monitor Snapchat

Yes, SecureTeen does have the capability to monitor Snapchat. As parental control software, SecureTeen offers comprehensive monitoring features that include tracking Snapchat activity on your child’s device.

It allows parents to stay informed about their child’s interactions, messages, and content shared on the platform, helping to ensure their safety and well-being in the digital world.

Does SecureTeen Monitor Text Messages?

SecureTeen helps protect kids from cyberbullying in text messages. It lets you see both the messages they receive and send, helping you prevent dangerous situations like sexting and chatting with strangers.

How Does SecureTeen Cost?

SecureTeen provides two plans to choose from:

  • Premium Plus Plan: Priced at $69.99 per year, this plan allows you to monitor up to three phones. It offers advanced monitoring options but is limited to Android devices.
  • Premium Plan: Costing $39.99 annually, this plan is available for iOS, Android, Windows, or macOS users. You can track up to three devices at once with this package.

SecureTeen vs NexaSpy

As mentioned earlier, SecureTeen has some drawbacks: fixed yearly subscription plans and limited functionality. For a more flexible and user-friendly option, we recommend trying NexaSpy.

NexaSpy offers several benefits, including:

  • Screen Recorder: You can remotely access someone’s phone and record their screen.
  • Geofencing: NexaSpy can track your kid’s real-time location and send alerts when they enter or leave restricted areas.
  • Calendars and Events: Monitor your child’s plans by checking their phone calendars for upcoming events and activities.
  • Customer Support: NexaSpy provides caring customer support. If you need assistance with installation or setup, their agents will help you remotely using TeamViewer.

With NexaSpy, you can ensure your child’s online safety. Simply create an account on, choose a subscription, and install the app.


While SecureTeen offers some monitoring capabilities, it falls short in terms of flexibility and functionality due to fixed yearly subscription plans and limited features. For those seeking a more comprehensive and user-friendly solution, NexaSpy emerges as a compelling alternative.

With features like screen recording, geofencing, calendar monitoring, and dedicated customer support, NexaSpy provides parents with greater control and peace of mind regarding their child’s online safety. By opting for NexaSpy, parents can enjoy a more adaptable and comprehensive monitoring solution, ensuring their child’s well-being in the digital world.


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