How To Track Call History Of Your Loved Ones?

How To Track Call History Of Your Loved Ones?

Why would you record your loved one’s call history? Either you are suspicious or trying to track them, and this thought brings you to this blog.

Predators and online scammers have made the internet a dark place. Parents can’t leave their young kids in the dark without any helping hand or tracking. The kids have to be followed for who they are talking to, what conversations they are having, and how long these conversations are. Also, trusting your partner unquestioningly is not an intelligent option these days, as the rate of infidelity is increasing with each passing day.

What to do?

You can track their phone call history to see what’s happening behind the curtains. Here are the best options for that.

How to Track Call Records of Someone?

Digital media has taken over our lives. We have started interacting through digital devices. Calls, online chats, and video calls have replaced real-life conversations.

People are generally more comfortable now hanging out in chat rooms and game rooms, making new friends, communicating with each other, and more often hiding behind the device screen. Previously, this was a thing when you could handle such friendships, but the number of scams and frauds in the present times has skyrocketed, and such places are not a fantasy anymore.

According to a study, an average person makes or receives eight phone calls every day, which means that the US has to deal with around 2.4 billion phone calls across the 300 million cell phone users.

If someone you know is always on the phone, it’s time to ensure a scam or threat is not trapping them.

Here are some practical ways to track the call history of anyone you want.

Asking For Your Loved One’s Phones:

There are better situations than this, as the user will be uncomfortable sharing details with you. Young kids become highly reluctant to share their mobile phones with their parents. They feel as if their privacy is invaded. Those young minds fail to understand that their parents are only concerned about their safety.

It is not possible to ask partners to check their call histories, and as an employer, this strategy may not work.

Use Of An Official Tracking App:

Regarding this, there is no official tracking app other than NexaSpy. NexaSpy has been in the tracking industry for quite some years now. It’s one of a kind and the most reliable app to use when tracing your loved ones’ Phone calls.

The most common features its users enjoy are that it works in stealth mode, hibernates, and acts as a guardian angel.

NexaSpy is the choice of tracking app for the following reasons:

  • It gives insightful details about received or dialed calls, such as the time, duration, and time stamps.
  • It details how many times the call was made and for how long.
  • NexaSpy helps the user dive deep into the call log and have a complete idea of the incoming and outgoing calls. This feature allows parents to realize whether their children are talking to strangers or any scammers who are trying to manipulate young minds and trying to steal personal information.

NexaSpy helps the parents in tracing their children in the following ways:

  1. It saves the child from spam calls; as soon as the parents realize their child is being called repeatedly from an unknown number and bullied, they quickly take charge of the situation.
  2. The child is saved promptly. The consequences could be severe if the child were scared to share, and the parents wouldn’t know.
  3. It helps the parents report and block the number to save other kids.
  4. Parents can easily download call recordings, listen to them later, or use them as evidence in case of manipulation.

The NexaSpy is not only helpful with tracking young kids, but it also saves your partners from spam calls.

In addition, it helps track corporate employees who give out confidential information.

How to Install NexaSpy?

NexaSpy is easy to install, and the installation is simple.

  1. Download the NexaSpy App and get started by creating a registration user account. Register your account according to your specific needs.
  2. NexaSpy offers three subscription packages. Choose the one that fits your requirements. All plans include monitoring services.
  3. You will instantly get access to the mobile monitoring and parental control features available on the control panel.

Simple Rules To Follow While Tracking:

  • Open and honest communication with your loved ones, telling about the repercussions of intercepting and mingling with strangers on phone calls
  • Giving them real-life examples of scam or fraud activity so that they know they are not being scared
  • Noticing any weird behavior, such as hiding and talking on the phone, and anxiety when someone else answers the phone call.

Kids are vulnerable not only to scams but also get subjected to sex calls. This needs tracking and communication.

We know that the first solution that strikes your mind is to use free trackers, but unfortunately, many apps are not very user-friendly or reliable. Numerous free tracking apps promise results but end up being scams. That’s why you should always trust a reliable phone call tracker app like NexaSpy.


Interfering with anyone’s phone calls is a legal violation. The monitored person should have agreed and must be well below 18. However, parents must be alert and aware and save young innocent minds from bullying, scams, and fraudulent activities. This can only be achieved when they are mindfully traced. NexaSpy is one remarkable call history tracking app that follows suspicious phone calls that seem spams. With the proper use of NexaSpy, you can save your family from strangers who might be forcing them to meet in real life.


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