How to Track Social Media Apps on Someone’s Phone?

How to Track Social Media Apps on Someone’s Phone?

The Internet isn’t only a vast database of information; it also offers an opportunity for social interaction and is an expressive platform. As a result, it is now easier to connect and communicate with people of diverse races, ethnicities, and views around the globe.

It is swarming across the Internet through social media applications. Social media is now integrated into our daily lives, making it an essential component of modern human life. Children, however, can access social media apps for enjoyment.

In addition, they often spend more than the time required using social media platforms. Therefore, you should look for parental control or social media monitoring apps to reduce the use in the initial stages before it gets addictive for kids.

Before we explain how, let’s discuss some threats associated with social media networks.

Threats on Social Media Platforms:

Several applications are considered social media networks, and each has a distinct way of interacting with people. But, some apps can cause more danger to the younger generation if they spend more time on them.

A few of these most popular applications and threats are the following.


You may have realized that Facebook is a popular social media app. The application has more than 1 billion accounts of users, which is 1/7 of a percent of the global population.

The users can post content, add strangers across the globe, message, and share views using the platform. But if kids overuse Facebook, they can end up with multiple mental health problems. The contests and challenges on Facebook were hazardous for the younger generation. Take the example of the Blue Whale and Ice Bucket Challenge; many kids suffered mentally and physically due to these mortal challenges.


Instagram is among the fastest-expanding social media applications and is easily addicting for people who aren’t careful. It lets users add media content in videos and pictures for their followers to leave comments on.

People can send direct private messages or even make live videos. It is becoming the primary source of cyberbullying these days. Parents should restrict the usage for the better mental health of kids. Due to Instagram, kids suffer from FOMO and insecurity, which is having a bad effect on their mental health.


Snapchat offers easy human interactions by providing a platform for users to share their daily life thoughts and status via an image. In addition, users can send snaps to their family and friends to view and comment on using direct messaging.

The snaps disappear after viewing one time, which is not suitable for some reason. This feature has encouraged young kids to share explicit images with friends and even strangers. Snapchat is making people addicted due to the automatic chat deleting feature. People stay curious and become addicted to this platform.


It is widely regarded as among the top famous and utilized apps due to its simple communication techniques. It has re-energized texting on mobile phones and taken over the SMS method of the past.

You can send photos, voice notes, and videos within seconds. But kids use it too much to contact friends, partners, or, in the worst case, strangers. Sexting is a known threat on WhatsApp.


Viber is another example of a wide-ranging community from all over the world within a single community. But again, it’s not safe for children as it could harm their innocence with unnecessary messages and secret chat options.

How to Track Social Media Apps on Someone’s Phone?

It’s a fact that using social media may become addictive. Indeed, these apps have been found to have a powerful influence on the old and young, with only certain groups of users unable to resist the attraction that it brings.

If you find your loved ones glued to social media all the time, here is how you can monitor their social media secretly.

1. Use Android Tracking Application:

Imagine having access to your children’s social media accounts and being able to monitor everything. Social media monitoring apps for Android can handle all types of monitoring.

NexaSpy social media spy app has a necessary set of features, permitting users to read their child’s text messages, look at their pictures, and check out the installed apps on their smartphones.

In short, NexaSpy Android spy is an advanced social messengers spy application that gives you complete information about your target’s online activities.

You can spy social media through android app and observe the messages of your target device and keep track of its current location, record keystrokes, and tape the phone’s screen remotely.

It works as an Instagram spy app, WhatsApp spy app, Facebook spy app, and Snapchat spy app. So you can monitor all these accounts with a single application.

2. Make Use of Parental Control Features:

Many social media apps have parental control settings that parents can configure according to their requirements. They are available on Facebook, Instagram, and more famous apps. All you have to do is open an app’s settings and find the appropriate security options. Such built-in features allow parents to keep track of their kids’ activities in real-time.

3. Take the Risk of Sneaking:

Accessing your target device when its owner is not around is the riskiest. You might succeed, but there are big chances of getting caught in the act. And if you do, all the trust is gone. The person whose social media you wanted to track would never trust any word of yours in the future. So, instead of going this way, we suggest you opt for the above mentioned methods.


Kids are careless about online security, so parents should take extra measures to keep them away from dangers. Social media apps are highly used among the younger generation, so you can monitor them instead of taking away phones.

The mentioned ways will help you go a long way in protecting your kids without making them mad. You can remotely monitor their activity, and kids won’t even notice. Ensure you’re taking thoughtful measures and not provoking kids because that will backfire badly.


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