How to Stalk Someone’s Social Media Through an Android Spy App?

How to Stalk Someone’s Social Media Through an Android Spy App?

Social media is a combined expression used for websites and apps to communicate with people beyond societies and cultures. They are also used to share content online and collaborate with different communities. In other words, social media is a medium for staying in touch with friends and family, and businesses can use it for marketing, advertising, brand perception, and consumer tracking purposes.

Android spy apps today help to monitor people by tracking and recording their social media activities.

An In-Depth Overview of Social Media

Among social media networks, websites have launched their applications to make the platforms easily accessible to people. That is why one must be fully aware of social media functioning to track someone’s Android phone via these platforms.

Social media can be categorized in four ways.

  1. Social networks
  2. Media-sharing networks
  3. Community networks
  4. Review networks

Let’s discuss them briefly.

Social Networks:

Social networks are places where people join and share their thoughts and information. They are typically user-focused groups, and people interact with each other based on likeness regarding their common interests. Use these best apps to monitor kids online.

Media-Sharing Networks:

These are content-focused networks. People can share videos and images on those platforms. People use these networks to express their art, ideas, and creativity.

Community Networks:

Just like a blog forum, community networks are in use for discussions. The users initiate in-depth talks, and people express themselves in the comments sections. As a result, people create different communities, and discuss specific topics with each other.

Review Networks:

These networks are generally used to enhance business capabilities through user experiences. These networks focus on rating certain products, services, or places people give based on their experiences. Such networks boost visibility and foster businesses.

Common Social Media Platforms:

Countless social media networks are running around the world. However, an Android spy app helps to monitor people online.

Some popular social media platforms are;


A trendy social networking site among people of every age, roughly 2.89 billion users are actively using this platform, and it is considered the biggest social media platform worldwide. People create personalized profiles and upload their pictures and videos to share with whoever they like.


YouTube is a media-sharing network where users share their videos, either pre-recorded or live to stream. This platform has over 2 billion active users who regularly upload content. Best spy apps for Android can let you know what your child is uploading online.


It is an example of a community network designed to spread news, and forums are created to spread the information by users. There are hundreds of subreddits on Reddit. These are small communities developed under the giant flag, and each category is related to a specific topic like movies, politics, nature, technology, etc.


It is a review board network that allows users to write reviews about restaurants or any product based on what they have experienced. Companies benefit from getting endorsements from people and creating customer-centric strategies.


Another very famous social media app is Instagram. It has roughly 1 billion active users and people use it for sharing pictures and short videos. It has 157 million users in the US alone. The best app to monitor kids Instagram is hard to choose, but it may benefit you by knowing the images your child uploads on Instagram.

Let’s jump to the main section, i.e., how to stalk someone’s social media through an Android tracker app.

How to Stalk Someone’s Social Media Through an Android Spy App?

Using an Android spy app to stalk someone in 2024 is the most innovative way to keep yourself informed about someone’s digital and physical activities.

It is straightforward to stalk someone’s social media through an Android tracking app.

All you need to do is pick a reliable Android spy app. Note that countless social media tracking apps are online, and you must choose trustworthy software like NexaSpy.

Here are the complete details on how to use NexaSpy to stalk anyone’s social media accounts.

Step 1: Get NexaSpy License

First, you have to visit NexaSpy’s website. Open your browser and go to Now, click the “Pricing” button from the top menu. Choose a plan and click “Buy Now”.

Buy a NexaSpy license by adding your contact details and credit card information.

Once you purchase the NexaSpy app, the next thing you have to do is open your registered email. NexaSpy must have sent you the app installation file and the activation key. The first step is done here.

Step 2: Install NexaSpy on Target Phone

To spy on Android phones, you must physically install NexaSpy on the target device. Please ensure you have the device’s unlock password and 5 minutes of access to install the Android spy app.

To install the Android spyware, you must open the installation APK file you received via email on your target phone. You must add the activation key provided to activate the spyware for Android. Setting up NexaSpy only takes 5 minutes, which is a simple task.

Step 3: Spy on Social Media Through Online Dashboard

The NexaSpy app gives you complete access to their social media accounts. You must open NexaSpy’s online control panel by logging in with the credentials you used to register with the NexaSpy Android spy app.

Open the NexaSpy dashboard and click the social media icon you want to stalk. You can see all the details regarding your target’s social media activities from here.

Why You Should Stalk Social Media of Your Kids?

In a poll conducted by Mott, one-third of children between the ages of 7-9 and half of the children between the ages of 10-12 use social media apps. You can find the top Android tracker apps in 2024 online to track the time spent on social media.

Adverse Effects On Tweens:

  • With increased time on social media apps, parents feel that their children are spending hours upon hours glued to the screens of their iPads or phones.
  • Kids under ten can unintentionally access inappropriate content online, prolonging their memory.

Adverse Effects On Teens:

Social media can be a ruthless place for teenagers. Experts believe that social media and text messaging have integrated into teens’ lives and that they have started to develop some troubling issues. Top Parental monitoring apps can assist parents in keeping an eye on their kids’ behaviour online.

  • Many teenagers have complained that they have developed feelings of loneliness and feel horrible about themselves since they have been using Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Perfect body images and lifestyles on social media mirror an unachievable ideal life. It drives the emotions of envy and jealousy, which is harmful in all ways to the teenager.


Doctors are warning parents about the effects of gadgets on toddlers, and it is problematic for the parents. Exposure to technology at such an early age can cause ripple effects on their personalities and development. However, preschoolers grasp social and intellectual skills, and we want social media to be smooth.

You can find people using social media everywhere beyond age limits. We cannot deprive our kids of being socially active online, but on the other hand, it is critically important to keep our kids safe from the harms of any platform. Guide kids about the rules and the importance of their privacy. Also, an excellent Android spy app like NexaSpy can help you develop effective strategies.


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