How To Read Viber Messages Secretly

How To Read Viber Messages Secretly

Have you ever stayed awake at night thinking about who your child is chatting to on Viber? Are all his friends trustworthy? Are all of them worth being talked to?

Such questions haunt parents as soon as their children get access to phones and social media. Handing over phones to your young ones has repercussions.

The Viber messenger has a secret mode that offers a safe space for sexting.

In contrast, are you secretly afraid of spying on your partner’s Viber messages because they have been showing signs of unfaithfulness?

In either case, you want to read messages from loved ones without letting them know.

You have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will discuss how to read Viber messages secretly.

Let’s get started.

Why is Viber Popular for Secret Chatting?

Viber has gained immense popularity since it’s a free app to chat and call. People have shifted from conventional text messaging and direct calls to instant messaging apps for calls and secret messages. Any such app must be monitored and checked for your loved one’s safety.

The most exciting option Viber provides its users is ensuring encryption and safety and allowing them to have conversations secretly.  These features give the user advanced safety elements, ensuring secret chats.

Studies show that adults are now addicted to pornography and seek online sexual relationships on the Internet. Secret messaging apps like Viber provide a hidden space for explicit chatting.

Such cases clarified that people should watch their spouses, partners, and kids so no one is victimized or fooled.

Viber – A Red Flag All Parents Should Know About

With the increased use of the Internet, children are vulnerable to all kinds of dangers of the online world. Through chats and calls, kids can be easily threatened, stalked, and bullied.

According to statistics, nearly 42% of children get bullied online, and almost one in four experienced it more than once. Talking to children and warning them of the potential dangers is not the only solution. With millions of active internet users, parents can’t call out all of them. Parents must ensure the kids don’t get trapped by sending inappropriate pictures or text messages.

Parents must ensure that the kids don’t get lured and are not subjected to online bullying.

How to Track Viber Messages Secretly

The simplest way is to unlock your loved one’s phone and check their Viber messages. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. First, the phones are locked, and it is not possible to easily access mobile phones.

The ideal situation is to use an authentic Viber tracker to read messages secretly and identify locations. The most legitimate tracker app is the NexaSpy app.

Let’s talk about NexaSpy and its Viber spying features.

NexaSpy-The Legitimate Tracking App to Monitor Viber

NexaSpy is the app of choice in the mobile monitoring game. It’s wholly upgraded and complies with all the new features of Viber.

NexaSpy is the one-stop solution. It is a professional application that tracks Viber messages.

The most modified feature of NexaSpy is that it is installed on the target device and works in hidden mode. The target device’s owner cannot detect any spying and cannot remove the monitoring app.

How to Monitor Viber Messages Using NexaSpy?

We can quickly start using the Viber spying app in simple steps.

  • Go to the NexaSpy website and get registered.
  • Acquire a NexaSpy license by purchasing a subscription plan.
  • Receive a download link and activation key.
  • Download the app. Set the account by following the prompt instructions.
  • Go to the NexaSpy dashboard and log in to your registered account.
  • View all Viber activities through a non-intrusive control panel.

NexaSpy offers three subscription plans: basic, premium, and platinum. Choose the one that best suits your needs. All plans include monitoring services.

Once subscribed, the user can access the mobile monitoring and parental control features in the control panel.

Why is NexaSpy a Reliable Viber Monitoring App?

Viber spying through the time-tested NexaSpy is the best way to monitor children, spouses, or employees.

NexaSpy offers more than tracking Viber chats. Here is a glimpse of NexaSpy and its jaw-dropping features.


Compatibility is a crucial feature when selecting a Viber monitoring app. It is compatible with most mobile brands and models.

User Friendliness:

NexaSpy is a very easy-to-use app. It has the most advanced features than any other Viber spying app.

100% Secure:

NexaSpy provides its users with all the security features. The data is encrypted and safe; only registered users can access it.

Quick Installation:

As stated earlier, it’s easy to use. Similarly, the installation process is easy.

Customer Support:

NexaSpy has the most efficient online support. Its staff is ready to answer questions at any time of the day and is entirely aware of the app and all related information.

Troubleshoot Guide:

NexaSpy provides a troubleshooting guide if you have difficulty downloading the application.

Access to Hidden Messages:

Viber has advanced features for archiving chats. NexaSpy allows you to easily access hidden messages and calls.

The Ideal Spy App:

NexaSpy not only records chats but also the type of groups joined and the kind of conversations conducted online.

Read All Messages:

NexaSpy text messages spy app gives you complete control over sent, received, or deleted messages. If the target tries to hide a particular conversation, installing NexaSpy reveals all their secret, hidden, and deleted chats.

NexaSpy leaves no stone unturned. It details the messages sent—when, how many, where, and how much— are tracked. Moreover, it gives access to contact details and the time of the message.


The world and era we live in are advancing in technology with every passing day. As parents, employers, and spouses, we need to stay updated. In the case of children, they not only need to be monitored but also discuss the dangers of the online world. They are an easy target of predators. The dangers should be communicated to them so they are aware and cautious. Parents need to regulate their kids’ online activities with a regular check. Checkup: NexaSpy is a time-tested Viber spying app with the most advanced features, giving complete access to the messages on the target device.


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