How to Monitor Facebook of Your Loved Ones?

How to Monitor Facebook of Your Loved Ones?

The charm of Facebook is still alive among people, as teens, adults, and even the elderly are active on this social media platform. Facebook was started as a connecting website that helped people around the world. However, with the passage of time, the platform has become a playground for online predators.

Parents are curious about their children’s never-ending chatting and scrolling behavior, especially teens. And to be honest, monitoring kids online is imperative these days.

Here, we will explain ways to monitor your teens’ Facebook activity and ensure their safety even in your absence.

But before we jump to the main topic, let’s discuss why you can use a Facebook monitoring app.

Why Do People Need a Facebook Tracker?

Humans are naturally curious, and it is their instinct to detect fishy situations. So, if you are looking for a Facebook tracker, there must be a solid reason behind it.

You could be a parent who is worried about their children or a spouse who thinks your partner is cheating on you. Sometimes, business employers also search for social media trackers to monitor their employees.

In any case, a hunch can lead us to the truth. Whether your doubts are real or just illusions, validating them will save your children, relationships, and businesses.

So, if you have something to find, a Facebook tracker is all you need. Here, we will discuss how you can monitor your loved ones’ Facebook accounts.

How do you monitor your loved ones’ Facebook accounts?

Stalking is not the only way to monitor a child’s well-being. Parents must be nonintrusive while monitoring their children’s online space.


Kids feel suffocated when their parents monitor them all the time; they think their parents do not trust them. Parents need a less invasive approach to monitoring their kids’ digital activities.

Here’s how parents can monitor their kids online.

Get Help From Facebook Settings:

Facebook developers and analysts know the networking site is a playground for thousands of cyber predators. Thus, to ensure teens’ safety, Facebook has introduced particular guidelines to monitor your teen’s settings.

Parents can view their children’s Facebook account settings using these instructions and ensure their safety.

Although this feature of Facebook only allows partial monitoring, parents can still use it to keep their kids safe on Facebook.

For messaging, Facebook’s Messenger Kids is a good app for children who love to chat. The app is only for kids and has better security features than the classic Facebook.

Use a Facebook Monitoring App for Android:

We know you need a full-fledged plan to ensure your kids’ security on Facebook and other social media apps on someones phone. That’s why we will mention the most effective method to monitor Facebook remotely and secretly.

That is, using a Facebook monitoring app!

Like every disease has a cure, every cyber danger has an antidote. And for Facebook, it’s Facebook tracking software.

Here are the details on how to monitor Facebook using a tracking app.

Get a Reliable Facebook Tracker:

The online market is overflowing with numerous phone monitoring apps claiming to track Facebook in real-time. The truth is, only a few work. We suggest NexaSpy as an efficient Facebook monitoring app that gives 100% results on the go. The app consistently works in the background, giving you real-time access to your target’s Facebook activities.

To get NexaSpy, follow these steps.

  • Go to the page
  • Pick a suitable plan and subscribe to it by creating an account.
  • Once you purchase the license, you will get an APK file that needs to be downloaded on the target device.

Note that NexaSpy is only available on its official website. The app is unavailable at App Store, Play Store, or any other platform.

Get Access to Your Target Device:

NexaSpy installation is quite simple; all you need is 5 minutes alone with your target device.

It is compulsory for you to have the unlock password or pattern for your target device; otherwise, you can’t install NexaSpy on it. Moreover, ensure you have at least 5 minutes alone with the target device to complete the installation and configuration process. A stable internet connection is also necessary for the installation process.

Install Facebook Tracker on Your Target Device:

Once you create your account on NexaSpy and get a license, you can install it on your target device using the installation link. It takes only 5 minutes. Upon opening the installation link, the app will redirect you to the configuration process, which you can complete quickly with prompt instructions.

Ensures that Play Protect is enabled from Android settings and that the app is used on the target device.

Open the Facebook Tracking App’s Dashboard and Start Monitoring:

Now that you have installed the NexaSpy Facebook tracking app on your target phone or tablet, it’s time to monitor Facebook activities. Open the NexaSpy dashboard by logging in to your registered account.

Trust us, Monitoring Facebook with the NexaSpy app is a piece of cake.

From the online dashboard, you can view all the Facebook activity of the target device. The target user cannot trace your monitoring attempts. Isn’t that great?


Social media networking was boosted when Facebook was launched in 2004. Although Orkut was still there, Facebook’s user-friendliness and networking features made it more prominent online. Almost every millennial now uses Facebook. This is a red flag if you are a millennial having teens, too.

Most predators online are millennials or older Gen Z. And their victims include kids within the 12-15 age group. Moreover, people find it convenient to cheat online with never-ending chats and adult talk.

Facebook is a playground for many hideous crimes. Before your child or loved ones become the next victim, you must monitor their Facebook accounts with Android spy app.

We have mentioned the most accessible, easiest, and most effective way to monitor the Facebook of your loved ones. You can find all your answers by tracking Facebook with NexaSpy.


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